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Bad, Children, and Crime: MAGA means bigotry MAGA means racism MAGA means homophobia MAGA means anti-semitism MAGA means divisiveness Hate crimes are on the rise because the tone is set from the top and Trump's tone is, "there are good people on both sides." Prayers to #JussieSmollett. La communalconcubine: tehgore: friendly-neighborhood-patriarch: libertarirynn: Too bad more and more of these “hate crimes“ are proven hoaxes. Will y’all ever learn to at least spend two seconds critically thinking about something before swallowing it as fact because “orange man bad”? That was a rhetorical question. MAGA MEANS ANY BAD THING EVER. MAGA IS MY SECULAR SUBSTITUTE FOR LITERAL SATAN If men were paid enough more women could stay home and be happy wives. Instead we all work and scrape by living as wage slaves, some unable to support kids and lead a full life.If we were allowed to talk about crime rates like how 13% of the population does about 55% of the violent crime we could talk about solutions; instead we pretend egalitarianism is good, deny reality, and create an unsafe society.Most gay people were victimized as children and many go on to victimize more children, much (not all) of this is learned behavior. Instead of protecting our children and enforcing some level of moral behavior we have pride parades and child drag queens.Jews…Globalist bankers who ruin countries, pornographers, drug pushers like the Sacklers, the root of Bolshevism AND Capitalism, a people who hate and subvert anything they can’t corrupt and enslave. Their behavior is always the same everywhere they are and in every time period in which they are studied. Blindness to their nature enables them to harm the entire world.Who built the most successful nations on Earth and who came later? What race of people is not allowed a country of their own?  What is the ONLY race of people not allowed to advocate for themselves? Who is discriminated against in schools and the workplace by institutionalized power? Diversity means we ALWAYS needs less of a certain specific race of people and more or ANYTHING else who suffers? Whites need their own space. Rading through this wall of text and finding, “jews… globlist bankers who own countries” This post went off the rails like the old 97

communalconcubine: tehgore: friendly-neighborhood-patriarch: libertarirynn: Too bad more and more of these “hate crimes“ are proven hoaxes...

Anaconda, Google, and Lgbt: Infanta Muerte @GeekRemix 9m *Pretends to be shocked part 3: Return of the homophobia* @Team YouTube@YouTube gay HD Oct 8, 2017 11:42 AM 0 views o Edit 0:38 Not suitable for most advertisers Request review Team YouTube @TeamYouTube Follow Replying to @GeekRemix Hi. If you think our system got it wrong, please appeal so an expert can review Here's more on the appeals process Update on monetization appeal and the appeals process Posted 9/5/17 3:19 PM, 84 messages productforums.google.com 2:02 PM-8 Oct 2017 Infanta Muerte @GeekRemix 2m Replying to @Team YouTube Excuse me but that was the most dismissive thing I have ever seen in my life. Fix the homophobic algorithm and don't but the work on me. 4 Infanta Muerte GeekRemix 1m 'Replying to @TeamYouTube Fix the blatant homophobia for LGBT+ terms for videos that are completely blank and private. This is 100% on you and only you. Infanta Muerte @GeekRemix 4m How am I supposed to appeal the fact that you auto flag LGBT+ terms and then throttle the views? it shouldn't happen in the first place. Team YouTube Φ @TeamYouTube Replying to @GeekRemix Hi. If you think our system got it wrong, please appeal so an expert can review. Here's more on the appeals process: goo.g/jvTDg4 Infanta Muerte @GeekRemix Additionally the FACT that more and more LGBT+ terms are being flagged as not suitable is 100% YOUR fault. YOU fix it. #LGBT #Youtube Team YouTube. @TeamYouTube Replying to @GeekRemix Hi. If you think our system got it wrong, please appeal so an expert can review. Here's more on the appeals process: goo.gl/jvTDg4 2:09 PM-8 Oct 2017 gay HD Oct 8, 2017 11:42 AM 0 views Edit 0:38 Not suitable for most advertisers transgender HD Sep 20, 2017 2:38 PM 0 views Not suitable for all advertisers Request review Edit 0:38 cisgender HD Sep 20, 2017 2:44 PM 0 views Editv 0:38 Straight couple H Sep 18, 2017 7:39 AM 0 views Edit 0:46 lesbian couple HD Sep 18, 2017 7:44 AM 0 views Not suitable for all advertisers Request review Edit v 0:46 bass-borot: geekremixalot: geekremix: links https://twitter.com/GeekRemix/status/917134851085619200 https://twitter.com/GeekRemix/status/917132350294822912 https://twitter.com/GeekRemix/status/917135357392687104 retweet these. don’t let them shut you up. fight. bring this to the attention of everyone.  REMINDER THAT MORE AND MORE LGBT+ TERMS ARE BEING ADDED TO THE AUTO FLAG LIST EVERY DAY! WHEN A VIDEO IS FLAGGED IT LOSES MONEY, BUT IT IS ALSO THEN THROTTLED FOR VIEWS SO PEOPLE DON’T SEE IT. YOUTUBE IS LITERALLY ERASING GAY CONTENT. If a video cannot meet the 1,000 views per week threshold required for manual review, then you have no chance of overturning YouTube’s autoflag system.  YouTube telling creators to “please appeal if you think we got it wrong” does NOTHING to help smaller creators and older content that get less than 1,000 views a week.
Crazy, Driving, and Fire: ceasarslegion Reporter in the Marvel unviverse: Anthony Stark, well-known as a generous philanthropist, the CEO of Stark Industries, and his alter-ego "Iron Man," under fire today after a controversial video he posted to his personal Vine account went viral. The short footage showed Stark in the passenger seat of a car, driving by an anti-homosexual rally, repeatedly shouting "I love sucking [expletive for male genitalia]" out of the open window. purgatoryandme A+ Concept, I love it, I'm dying, it's too good. It becomes the hottest new meme throughout the US. Every single time there's some homophobic rally, Hell, every time there's a rally held by homophobes whether or not the rally was ABOUT homophobia there's now teens doing drive-by's being like "Ahem, this one is for Tony Stark ILOVE SUCKING [expletive for male genitalia]". The meme keeps escalating as people find newer and funnier ways to bleep out what they are saying in real time and on Vine. The most popular way? The sound of a repulser charging up The whole thing drives homophobes crazy. They hate it so much, it literally has some people trying to create their own counter meme ("I love sucking UP TO JESUS") that goes very very badly (exactly how you'd expect). So, out of options, they try to sue Tony. Everybody should know better than to sue Tony. His lawyers tear them apart. There's an unholy grin on Tony's face during the entire publicized case - he's in a rainbow suit. He's in rainbow shades. He's wearing a harness over his suit and his shoes literally leave glitter footprints everywhere he goes. His tie says "I love sucking [REPULSER NOISE]. Twitter goes nuts. A still of Tony from the trial, one where he is sarcastically blowing pink glitter into the face of a woman trying to hit him with a picket sign, becomes a reaction image nobody can resist. You wanna represent how tired you are of homophobic comments? That's your image. It's usually coupled by one of Rhodey in the background, military dress uniform smeared in glitter and a blatant glittery kiss mark pressed to his cheek, staring at the ceiling and praying for death this is canon now

this is canon now

God, Marriage, and News: Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 29 Jun 2015 Marriage" girldefined.com/keeping-marria KEEPING MARRIAGE STRAIGHT WH) THE BIBLE NEVER RECOGNIZES "GAY MARRIAGE 2 READ POT GIRLDEFINED.COM/BLOG Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 20 Jun 2014 Please don't get sucked into the gay pride agenda. Don't base your beliefs on your emotions. God's word must be... fb.me/31ZBmV6KS Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 27 Jun 2015 TIMELY READJ Responding to the Homosexual Movement So here we are, up to our necks in the homosexual agenda... . b.me/7hTQArATk 4 1 Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 26 Jun 2014 Sad day. @BananaRepublic supports and encourages the homosexual agenda with #PrideMonth on.fb.me/TCa9DR 1 Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 21 Jun 2014 Disturbing fairy tale book hits public libraries promoting homosexual marriage. bit.ly/UWnAjo Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 18 Jun 2014 How does someone prove they are "gay"? Find the answer on the blog today bit.ly/1plofs6 CA Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 18 Jun 2014 New Post) The fb.me/6kXwRqltP Gay Pride Movement and Their Sneaky Agen... Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 20 Jun 2014 New Post Responding to the Homosexual Movement girldefined.com/responding-hom... .fb.me/6lgj4ZPET tl. 1 Girl Defined @Girl_Defined .4 Jun 2014 oan c cake. christianpost.com/news/baker-for... via @ChristianPost Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 6 May 2014 Should Christians attend the wedding of a gay couple?" Thought provoking answers from @gotquestions gotquestions.org/gay-wedding.ht... Girl Defined @Girl_Defined 3 May 2014 Replying to @TrueWoman "@TrueWoman: Should Christians use the term "Gay Christian"? Here's a helpful article: buff.ly/1pXr3vm" Should Christians Use the Term "Gay Christian"? In his new book God and the Gay Christian, Matthew Vines seeks to legitimate homosexual practice among evangelicals. I responded to this heretical teaching [...] patheos.com keepingupwithfundies: totallyrobophobic: christiangossipgirl: The only thing Girl Defined uses Twitter for is automated posts from their other platforms…  That means the links are still there to their homophobic blog posts they’ve since deleted. Oopsies. But seriously, I’m disgusted. They were way more extreme on the topic than I was aware. They scrubbed their blog after their homophobia was exposed in this YouTube video by Rachel Oates.  Being ashamed of your opinion if called out means you know you are wrong. (Annie)

keepingupwithfundies: totallyrobophobic: christiangossipgirl: The only thing Girl Defined uses Twitter for is automated posts from their o...

Bad, Books, and Children: When people say these books are children's books, as if to demean them, I balk. These books dealt with themes that adults do not fully understand or wish to. It dealt with racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, prejudice, and general ignorance. These books taught us that it doesn't matter how you were raised, but at you get to choose to be kind, loyal, brave, and true. They taught us to be strong u nder the pressures of this world and to hold fast to what we know to be right. These books taught me so much, they changed me as a person. So just ause they're set against a fantastical backdrop with young protagonists does not mean that their value is any less real This First book Starts with the double murder of a pair of twenty-one year olds who e much missed and leaving their baby son a war orphan abusive conditions that would give Cinderella the horrors. Dealing with peers and teachers who are bulies. The fickleness of fame (from the darling of Gryffindor to the outcast.) The idea that there are things worth fighting and dying for, spoken by the child protagonist. Three children promptly acting on that willingness to sacrifice their lives, and two of them getting injured doing so Second book. The equivalent of racism with the pro-pureblood attitude by an eleven year old girl being groomed and then used by a charming, handsome older male. The imbalance of power and resultant abuse inherent in slavery. Fraud perpetuated by stealing something very intimate. Plot driven hird book: The equivalent of ableism with a decent, kind and competant adult being considered less than human because he has an illness that adversely affects his behaviour at certain times. A justice system that is the opposite of just. Promises of removing an abused child from the abusive environment can't always be kept. The innocent suffer while the guilty thrive. Fouth book: More fickleness of fame. The privileged mistreating and undermining the underprivileged because they can. A master punishing a slave for his own misjudgment, and the slave blaming herself. A sports tournament which involves mortal risk being cheered by spectators. A wonderful young man being murdered y because he was in the way. A young boy being tortured, humilated and nearly murdered. Fifth book: PTSD in the teenage protagonist. Severe depression in the protagonist's godfather, triggered by inherited mental health issues and being forced to stay in a house where abuse occured. A bigoted tyrant who lives to crush everyone under her heel, torturing a teenager for telling the truth in the name of the government (and trying to suck his soul out too). The discovery that your idols can feet of clay after all. An effort to save the life of someone dear and precious actually costing that very same life. The loss of a father-figure and the resultant guilt Sixth book: The idea that a soul can be broken beyond repair. Drugs with the potential for date rape are shown as having achieved exactly that in at least one case, resulting in a pregnancy. Well-meaning chauvinism trying to control the lo life of a young woman. Internalised prejuidce resulting in refusing the one you love out of lack of love but out of fear of tainting them. The mortality of those that seem powerful and larger than life Seventh book Bad situations can get worse, to the point where even the end up suffering and afraid. More internalised prejudice and feaf hysterical terror of ting those you love. Self-sacrifice and the loss of loved ones, EVERYWHE se who are bitter are often so with a reason. The necessity of defeating yo inner demons, even though it's never as cool as it sounds. Don't underestimate those that are enslaved. Other people's culture isn't always like your own. Things often come full circle (war ending with the death of a dearly-loved pair of new parents and their orphaned baby son living with his dead mother's blood relative instead of his young godfather). Even if all is well' the world is still imperfect, because it's full of us brilliant imperfect humans. So.. still think that Harry Potter is a kid's series with no depth? fuck it's three am. and I'm having feelings about Harry Potter you should probably go to TheMetaPicture.com srsfunny: The Harry Potter Series And Its True Meaning