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Bad, Beautiful, and Fucking: Take the breadsticks Young Man and run Man young [door man hand hook said car gun deceit-the-snakey-snake: plaid-n-converse: cherrysconeslut: pawsofponies: garecc: inthishousewekinkshamefnaf: inthishousewekinkshamefnaf: buggykin: inthishousewekinkshamefnaf: inthishousewekinkshamefnaf: biggest-goofiest-fish: desertdaylight: kait-the-kitty: chiribomb: politicalcompassmemes: your-uncle-dave: maps-and-elvis-and-zelda-n-shit: japhers: jewishzevran: animatedamerican: pagesofkenna: mommacomms: fidefortitude: bl00dlikeice: elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey: plaid-n-converse: memeception WE’VE HIT TERMINAL MEME @caesarianconfection I’ve said “I hate this” so many times on this website, and never actually meant it, because “I hate this” is just shorthand for ‘this is an example of a meme given a twist I wasn’t expecting with intent to surprise’. Which is, in of itself, a meme on this site. God damn it. But this… This is something else. The rapidity of a meme’s introduction to its zenith to its decline is so rapid that in ten years, you’ll need a damn twenty-page manual to explain this. It’ll be as unfunny and hard to explain as jokes in Shakespeare plays, except even more inexplicable because fuck, at least Shakespeare’s jokes are usually about anal or fucking your mother, good wholesome sex jokes we can all get behind. For the love of fuck, how do you explain loss.jpg? How do you explain gun? ….I THOUGHT THIS WAS A YMCA REFERENCE it is a YMCA reference - that’s one of the 6 memes being represented here ok let me see if i can break this down easily. YMCA is the easiest place to start - the song itself has become a meme over time with people changing the lyrics to reference other pop cultural events. so YMCA is meme one (1) this first lyric replacement (”take the breadsticks and run”) is a reference to the tumblr meme ‘stuffing breadsticks into my purse’. i think everyone remembers that one so i wont bother to explain it. that’s meme two (2) “man door hand hook car door” is a meme of its own, a creepypasta from i dont remember when. it was a terrible stupid retelling of the generic ‘stuck in a car while hook handed man tries to kill us’ story so the stupid title caught on for memorability. that in and of itself is meme three (3) ‘gun’ is… yeah i dont know how to explain gun. long story short you add gun to the end of a phrase instead of what you expect the last word to be. its shock funny. its everywhere but its popular to add to “man door hand hook car door” for.. some reason? gun is meme four (4) and the thing is, this four meme combo is something thats gone around before. meme combos are, itself, a meme. which means taking this meme combo and mixing in another meme actually becomes meme five (5) which leaves us at loss.jpg. loss.jpg was a terrible bad comic supposed to be about some tragic event, but it was presented so poorly literally no one takes it seriously, and for some reason recreating the four-panel setup has become popular. so thats meme six (6) (but i need to add that this is the greatest version of loss.jpg i think i’ve ever seen. the initial ‘young man’ lines up with the guy bursting through the door, and the shock meme ‘gun’ matches the shock scene of the woman in the hospital and idk if OP even thought about that but it makes this just so much better) I wasn’t going to reblog this, but @pagesofkenna‘s comprehensive meme-by-meme annotation is a thing of beauty and should be shared. average tumblr post contains one meme, this post, which contains six, is an outlier and should not be counted it might also just be a coincidence due to loss.jpg’s format but the whole white minimalist four-panel setup is also suspiciously reminiscent of those early 2000’s rage comics I was getting a political compass vibe too tag urself im man door hand hook car gun This works better than I thought it would. This was in my senior project I’m not sorry. EIGHT MEME COMBO FATALITY We have officially created a new language  I just had to do it to em THIS FUCKING THREAD I’M GONNA CRY I LOST IT AND MAN DOOR HAND HOOK CAR GUN AND DIDN’T EXPECT MORE I’M SOBBING M E M E T E N OwO? W o w You know I had to I hope you know this is the most cursed addition to my post, and I love it THIRTEEN!? MEME COUNT:1 - YMCA (@plaid-n-converse, pointed out by @pagesofkenna)2 - breadsticks (see above)3 - man door hand hook car door (see above)4 - gun (see above)5 - meme combo (see above)6 - loss (see above)7 - 2000s comics vibes (@plaid-n-converse, as pointed out by @japhers)8 - political compass (@plaid-n-converse, as pointed out by @maps-and-elvis-and-zelda-n-shit, then highlighted by @politicalcompassmemes)9 - tag yourself (user was @your-uncle-dave but now appears to be deactivated)10 - i hate this (kind of barely used by @fidefortitude so idk if it really counts)11 - nickelback/look at this photograph (@inthishousewekinkshamefnaf)12 - had to do it to them (see above)13 - distracted boyfriend (see above)14 - is this a pigeon (see above)15 - oh, this is beautiful (@garecc)16 - expanding brain (@cherrysconeslut)17 - cursed (can be argues as a meme due to its excessive use and popularity, as well as the sort of subtext/emotion behind it that accompanies most memes on this site) (@plaid-n-converse)18 - weve created a new language (@inthishousewekinkshamefnaf)19 - owo (see above)20 - most ___ addition to a post (@plaid-n-converse)21 - it could be argued that meme analysis in itself is a memeFeel free to debate any of these or add any Ive missed, but I think I got them all??
Bailey Jay, Climbing, and Creepy: 4:00:56 4:01:40 4:01:26 4:02:14 4:02:51 Sitting and Smiling #218 19,974 views 2 days ago Sitting and Smiling #217 19,961 views 4 days ago Sitting and Smiling #216 12,200 views 5 days ago Sitting and Smiling #215 12,609 views 6 days ago Sitting and Smiling #214 37,252 views 1 week ago 4:02:37 4:01:40 4:02:32 4:02:41 4:02:16 Sitting and Smiling #213 30,742 views 2 weeks ago Sitting and Smiling #212 17,316 views 3 weeks ago Sitting and Smiling #211 18,850 views 3 weeks ago Sitting and Smiling #210 19,544 views 3 weeks ago Sitting and Smiling #209 35,082 views 1 month ago 4:01:55 4:01:31 4:01:11 4:02:42 4:03:56 Sitting and Smiling #208 25,193 views 1 month ago Sitting and Smiling #207 88,097 views 1 month ago Sitting and Smiling #206 20,924 views 1 month ago Sitting and Smiling #205 17,728 views 1 month ago Sitting and Smiling #204 36,343 views 1 month ago thefingerfuckingfemalefury: phoneus: every1one: moonlandingwasfaked: jasper-rolls: today in “youtube’s recommendation algorithm completely misunderstands what i’m interested in”: i am recommended a channel consisting entirely of livestreams of a creepy dude sitting in a corner and just staring at the camera for 4 hours, 3 times a week a robber broke into his house and he didn’t stop recording and the robber got so creeped out he left. the video is on his YouTube somewhere here “This episode of Sitting and Smiling features a very special guest.About 2.5 hours into the webcast, I hear someone come into thehouse, which is odd, because my only housemate is at work, and we aren’t expecting anyone. I realize I didn’t check to see if the doors were locked before starting the webcast. I hear the person stealthily moving around the house, and then I hear them stealthily climbing the stairs, towards my room. My door opens, and I hear an unfamiliar malevoice say “Hello?”. Then, after presumably seeing me sitting still and smiling in front of a camera, lit from beneath by a florescent bulb, he promptly descends the stairs and exits the house. You can see this happen at 2:36:30 As it turns out, the doors were locked, and he had broken one open. We found nothing missing, as there is not really anything of value in the house other than the laptop I was using to webcast.“ I’m howling The robber legitimately thinks they just walked into a creepypasta and they made the wise choice of getting the hell out of there
Creepy, eBay, and Family: IG.C The Paranormal Guide The 'Ghost Cane' was put on eBay by Mary Anderson, a woman from Indiana who hoped the sale would ease the fears of her 6-year-old son who had come to believe that his grandfather's ghost roamed the family home. The cane reached 132 bids on eBay and was only accepted on the online bidding site, which usually rejects 'intangible items such as spirits or souls' because Miss Anderson made it clear she was only selling the cane so that her son would no longer freak out.However, she also asked the winning bidder to write a letter to her son telling him that the cane and the ghost were doing just fine. The 'Ghost Cane's' new home is the Golden Palace casino in Antigua where it will take place of pride alongside a grilled cheese sandwich. But not just any arilled cheese sandwich, this sandwich bears the face of the Virgin Mary and was bought on eBay for a cool $28,00 Follow for more! ________________________________ . . . . HASHTAGS BELOW IGNORE . . . . . . _________________________________ scary creepy gore creepiest creepypasta creepyfact creepyfacts horror horrorstory horrorstories scarypictures scarystories scaryfact scaryfacts theories conspiracy conspiracytheory conspiracytheories haunted paranormal aliens zombie zombies thewalkingdead ahs twd supernatural americanhorrorstory

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Anaconda, Anime, and Bad: MASTERPOST OF LITERALLY EVERYTHING baku: ever wanted to do some stuff? like, different stuff? tired of having to scroll through your huge ref tag? LOOK NO FURTHER!! Have a masterpost of LITERALLY EVERYTHING which took me 5 hours to make so reblog it Art: Painting tutorial Female/male arms Kneeling + Sitting ref Dragon head view tutorial SAI brushes 86786 Drawing expressions Sai Brushes 1 NGE colour palette 1 100+ colour palletes Avoiding same face Face contours/highlighting  free art MyPaint Body anatomy help 1 How to shift images using blur in PS Drawing clothe folding How to draw ice Colour palette 1 Colour palette 2 SAI brush settings 2 SAI/PS pixel brushes Warm/Cool gray Flower crown tutorial Skin colour palette Pink colour sheet How to draw buttsthighs The male torso Drawing glowing stuff in SAI Drawing horse/animal legs on humans Drawing clouds Muscular male with bow stock photos Pastel colours Drawing grass fields in SAI ExpressionsLegs All about the human body 20+ colour palettes  Colour conversion Kissing ref Creature design  Colour meanings Creating expression Tutorial masterpost (100+) Lineart Canine How to colour Pose studies Feline comparisons How to draw penis Leaf pressing 100+ anatomy references  How to draw folds SAI brushes 3 Sitting poses Colour palette 4 Cloud painting How to draw 3D rooms Colour info Colouring ref Hair tutorial Clothing ref Bodies and poses SAI brushes 5 Colour scheme designer Folding ref HeadsAngles  Paint tool SAI masterpost Drawing ref masterpost (10+) Hair+Fur How to draw faces SAI brushes 4 Anatomy of mutant humans What should I draw? Free art software pastel colour ref Mass art ref Soft SAI brushes ways to draw stuff SAI brush settings baseball cap ref Penis ref Drawing human wings Cool free art software Huge art ref Colour blender 2 SAI brushes Photoshop for free  Writing: Inspiration 1 Instead of ‘whispered’ Music for writing fight scenes Writing fantasy Emotions vocab sheet How to reveal character Writers block resource Writing a death scene BIO help Music to help you write Writing prompt generators Got writers block? How to torture a character Degrees of emotion ULTIMATE writing ref, 500+ Character names Body language 25 days of fic HOW TO DRAW ANYTHING Writing people of colour nanowrimo start kit character flaws General:  Becoming an adult masterpost cute OTP things Resource masterpost For bored people Anime + Manga recs how to make a blanket nest Getting an apartment what should i read next? If you’re bored Delete tourists from photos Cute pet nicknames Family tree explained  Pulling an all nighter  masterpost of themes/pixels/emoticons List of demon names Demons Deities in the bible Moss graffiti  Types of attraction Trampoline = outside bed College textbooks God masterpost Creepypasta OTP necklaces Super silky summer legs Plastic keychains How to write cover letters make music on itunes sound great Documentarys  Classic lit Makeup: Black/gold ref 1 Cosplay eye makeup Halloween eye gore makeup (tw eye gore) Rotting skin halloween makeup Eyeliner ref bloody halloween nails Gender: Getting gender-neutral pronouns on facebook Backgrounds: Pokemon mystery dungeons iphone Ghosty backgrounds  Themes/pixel/backgrounds Clothing:  1000+ everything clothing ref Awesome jackets Cheer up/Be happy If you’re having a bad night Movies to watch when you’re down Confidence Sowing: 8ft giant squid pattern Food: Cheeseburger cupcakes Deep-dish cookie for one Exercise:  Burning stomach fat Games: PokéRadar guide Play pokémon games online Pkmn Shiny hunting guide Animal crossing new leaf face/hair guide Free RPG games Mental health: Talking about your mental health