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College, Disappointed, and Target: Tweet Duolingo e @duolingo This year, we achieved a 50:50 gender ratio for new software engineer hires. V Next up: 50:50 companywide. This Women in Tech Week, we're proud to celebrate all of the incredible women who make Duolingo great #2018:WITW Tweet your reply Luis von Ahn @LuisvonAhn Duolingo just tweeted about how we achieved a 50% female ratio of new engineering college graduate hires. We're very proud of this. I'm disappointed that the top comments were all from men angrily arguing discrimination, and that we should hire the best people instead. Idiots. Luis von Ahn @LuisvonAhn T he women we hired had either perfect or near perfect GPAs from the best universities in the world, with stellar recommendations, and aced our very thorough interview process. We've gotten over 90K applicants for jobs throughout time, and we've made offers to under 250. 10/11/18, 9:42 AM 120 Retweets 880 Likes Luis von Ahn @LuisvonAhr We achieved a 50% ratio not by lowering our standards or by discriminating against men. We did it by only actively recruiting fronm colleges with higher female ratios in their computer science programs. These were also not shitty colleges -- CMU, MIT, Duke, Cornell, Harvard, etc. 10/11/18, 9:44 AM 244 Retweets 1,227 Likes Luis von Ahn @LuisvonAhn If other companies do this, colleges will be incentivized to have more diverse graduating classes. I'm amazed that it's 2018 and I still have to defend gender equality. 10/11/18, 9:44 AM 125 Retweets 1,259 Likes spacemonkeyg78: zombierightsactavist: Someone: hires a woman Men: โ€œTHIS IS LITERAL OPRESSIONโ€ The automatic assumption that recruiting women equals hiring less qualified people is some serious sexism at work.
College, Dad, and Friends: smitethepatriarchy: nprglobalhealth: She May Be The Most Unstoppable Scientist In The World Dauqan is a woman scientist in whatโ€™s possibly the hardest place on Earth to be just a woman: Yemen. The World Economic Forum ranks Yemen as the worst country for womenโ€™s rights. In Yemen, itโ€™s illegal for women to just leave the house without permission from a male relative. Even as a young girl, she was rebel. โ€œI was a little naughty,โ€ she says with a snicker. Read her incredible story here She liked breaking rules. And proving people wrong. So when her parents told her she might not have the smarts to go into science and engineering โ€” like her dad โ€” Eqbal thought: Watch me.โ€œI told my father, โ€˜Iโ€™ve heard a lot about scientists in chemistry. What is the difference between me and them? So I want to try,โ€ she says.And she did more than try. She crushed it. She was the first among her friends to finish college. Then she got a scholarship to do her Ph.D. in biochemistry at the Universiti Kebansaan Malaysia, where she studied the nutritional properties of palm oil. Read the full story here When little girls in the Middle East see photos of Eqbal as a chemist โ€” wearing a head scarf, measuring pH โ€” they donโ€™t need to use their imagination to think: โ€œI could be just like her. I could be a scientist.โ€ Please rule us.

smitethepatriarchy: nprglobalhealth: She May Be The Most Unstoppable Scientist In The World Dauqan is a woman scientist in whatโ€™s possibly ...