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Bad, Children, and Food: The 'I think forcing kids to eat vegan is wrong/abusive and unhealthy' Kraft Dinner peos @VeganOutsiders uBes Starter pack unsuspectingfish: agro-carnist: agro-carnist: vegannerdgirl: Spoiler alert: I’m still struggling with health problems from my childhood eating. This is super fucking classist because a lot of these items listed are popular foods for poor families and families that live in food deserts. Get fucking real. Maybe spend like 5 minutes off your high horse so you can actually see why these items are so popular to give children. They are cheap. They are accessible. They are favored by kids. They are easy to eat. Have fun making your kids live on rice and beans instead of giving them age-appropriate foods. Parents not giving their kids enough vegetables is not fucking child abuse and it does not mean being vegan is healthy for them. Most children put on vegan diets suffer deficiencies with permanent effects on their health and can effect their growth and learning. Willingly depriving kids of nutrients they NEED and forcing an ideology on them is child abuse. Fuck this post and fuck everyone who reblogged this uncritically. @fucknovegans @ableist-vegans Honestly, the only truly “unhealthy” (lacking in any nutritional value) thing I see here is the soda. Like, sure, there can be a lot of sodium and fat in the others, but 1) those are only bad in excess and 2) all the foods still have other nutrients that kids need (protein, iron, carbs, B12, vitamin D, calcium, etc.). Plenty of vegans out there eat this sort of junk, too, and in fact, vegan versions of all of these exist.