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Marxist: *T N HALE We nee to talk okoy Activism - Amadeo Bordiga Featured Posted By Alias Recluse Nov 23 2014 22:06 Tags Amadeo Bordiga activism, class struggle, Marxism The 'Madurization' of Chavismo: anarchist statement on Venezuela Statement from the Anarchist Federation of Central America and the Caribbean on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, its origins, and the need to resist both the Bolivarian government and its right-.. Share Tweet Related ERMIT YOU TO VOTE AWAY THEIR WEALTH Theory and action in Marxist doctrine- Amadeo Bordiga Bordiga versus Pannekoek Antagonism Resolution of the conference of the Abstentionist Communist Fraction of the Italian Socialist Party Bordigism- Antonio ACH NAR Beyond the Scottish referendum Mike Sabot A look at the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence written by Edinburgh Anarchist Federation member, Mike Sabot, in a personal capacity, criticising both the Yes and No campaigns Comments (17) In this short article first published in 1952, Amaded Bordiga addresses the question of "activism"'as "an the nkon Boioa illness of the workers movement" that exaggerates (1926-1946)- Philippe the "possibilities of the subjective factors of the Bourrinet class struggle" and neglects theoretical preparation, which he claims is of paramount importance because of the need for consciousness to be "expressed in the class party, which is in the last analysis the determinant factor of the transformation of the bourgeois crisis into the revolutionary catastrophe of all of society", claiming furthermore that, "in the party, consciousness precedes action, unlike what takes place among the masses and at the level of the individual." An important book the unknown Bordiga Attached files Drop ot Tune in! -AngryWorkersWorld hot autumn/winter plans We're back from our tour and want to invite you to come out to Greenford, West-London or a similarly remote corner of the internet to hatch some wicked plans. The ideas we came up with so far... Comments (1)