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Sperg: >26yo sperg somehow manage to get a gf parents of the gf know I'm a sperg and they keep treating me like a babby for some reason one day during our weekly game night (yeah we get together very often to play boardgames) I suddenly remember that I forgot to buy my medication >I tell them I will head to drugstore before it closes and then come back >the mother tells me I can use their car, and I say it's okay I will take the bus she insists I take the car, and I accept because it's been a while since my last drive anyway and I don't need to use money on bus after I get in the driver's seat, the mother comes in the car and takes the other front seat at first I thought she was just going to tell me something or take something from the glove compartment, but then she buts the seatbelt on, indicating that she's coming with me what the fuck, whatever during the whole drive she kept telling me how to drive and how brave I am for "being such an adult" by driving a car and such go to drugstore, buy my pills, and then we head back >feel confused by the whole situation when driving back, also bitter because I didn't get to go to the game shop that was near the drugstore I usually visit, I didn't want to disappoint her after all those praises of me being an adult after getting back, the whole family cheers for me, wtf I'm feeling very conflicted. They are so fucking condescending towards me it's almost like bullying. But then in other hand I might be imagining the whole situation and they're just being super nice towards me and treat me like any other guest in their home. It's so fucked up that I feel guilty for getting upset over this, after all they haven't done anything bad towards me. Why am I feeling angry when I'm being treated nice? I guess this is the result of getting bullied in my childhood, I can't trust anything