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Ali, Facebook, and Fresh: DID YOU KNOW? BLACK SEED OIL USE THE BLACK SEED, BECAUSE IT CONTAINS A CURE FOR EVERY TYPE OF AILMENT EXCEPT DEATH' PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH IG/FB HOLISTIC ALI OF THE 630 SCIENTIFIC PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLES THAT HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED ABOUT BLACK SEED OIL BENEFITS, ONE FACT IS CLEAR: THERE ARE FEW ISSUES THAT IT CANNOT HELP THE BODY OVERCOME. WITH VIRTUALLY NO SIDE EFFECTS. OF THE MANY WAYS THAT BLACK SEED OIL BENEFITS THE BODY, CANCER, DIABETES, OBESITY, HAIR LOSS, SKIN THE 6 THAT STICK OUT IN THE SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE ITS ABILITY TO HELP PREVENT Follow ➡️ @holisticali ➡️Improving memory- take a teaspoon of black seed oil with a glass of pure orange juice every morning for a period of 10 days ➡️Backache and muscular pains- mildly heat a little black seed oil and then massage into the affected area alternatively powder equal quantities of asparagus seeds, black cumin, fenugreek and caraway. Take ¼ teaspoon of powder every morning with a glass of water. ➡️Sleeping disorder- mix a teaspoon of black seed with some honey and water and drink before retiring to bed ➡️Asthma and bronchial and respiratory problems- mix a teaspoon of black seed oil in coffee, and take twice a day. Also rub the chest with black seed every night and inhale the vapour of black seed in hot water ➡️Hair loss- massage lemon juice into the hair and leave for 15-20 minutes, wash out thoroughly with shampoo, then apply black seed oil into the scalp and continue for a period of 20 days ➡️Flu and nasal congestion- insert four drops of black seed into each nostrils to relieve from nasal congestion and head cold distress ➡️Toothache and gum- cook some black seeds in vinegar then add black seed oil. Rinse the mouth with this combination to ease toothache and help gums (apply oil on the affected tooth for quick relief) ➡️Healthy complexion- mix black seed oil with an equal amount of olive oil, massage into the face and leave for an hour, then wash out with soap and water ➡️Diabetes- grind together equal amounts of black seed and watercress (or mustard seed as an alternative) with half its amount of pomegranate peal and fumitory. Take ½ a teaspoon of the mixture together with a teaspoon of black seed oil daily before breakfast, continue treatment for a period a month ➡️Increase in flow of breast milk- mix together 250 grams of black seed with 250grams of pure honey, stir and take one tablespoon with black seed oil twice a day ➡️Vomiting- take half a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice mixed with equal amount of black seed oil, twice a day http:-www.prophetic-medicine.com- HolisticAli BlackSeed Ramadan Ramadan2017 IG 👉🏽 @realrawtruth FACEBOOK-YOUTUBE-SNAPCHAT 👉🏽 @holisticali SUBSCRIBE TO NEW YOUTUBE LINK IN BIO

Follow ➡️ @holisticali ➡️Improving memory- take a teaspoon of black seed oil with a glass of pure orange juice every morning for a period of...