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Excessive wealth comes from excessive misery.: fandomsandfeminism Thought: I do NOT think that 50% of the world's bilionaires should be WO- men. I think there shouldn't be any billionaires at all cardboardfacewoman So you are saying 0% of the world should be billionaires? fandomsandfeminism Yes caosdth Why shouldn't their be billionaires? That makes no sense. fandomsandfeminism Because the existence of billionaires is predicated on the exploitation of human labor and unsustainable 4G the exploitation of human labor and unsustainable environmental harm. That level of wealth hoarding is harmful to economies, as it reduces the amount of mo- ney in circulation. No one person, no family, could ever conceivably even SPEND a billion dollars anyway, and it is inherently immoral to accumulate wealth so narrowly while so much of the world lives in abject poverty Better then to create a wealth ceiling, a point at which all wealth over a certain point is taxed at or very near 100% to incentivize people to actually spend their mo- ney rather than hoard it, stimulating the economy and bettering the lives of far more people. Better even still to create and regulate economic systems that protect wor- kers and the environment in a way that such extreme levels of wealth accumulation aren't even feasible. aflawedmind The problem with this is that it reduces the incentive to actually do fiscally well. What's the point of starting a business if you can't become wealthy? fandomsandfeminism There is a very real difference between "reasonably wealthy" and A BILLIONAIRE twodotsknowwhy wealthy" and A BILLIONAIRE twodotsknowwhy No one is saying you shouldn't have a nice house, we are saying that having multiple really, really ridiculously nice houses while your employees are either homeless or at serious risk of becoming homeless is immoral whenandwhereienter I'll never understand why this concept is hard for people. I think it's because they can't actually fathom how much $1 Billion is fandomsandfeminism Seriously Lets say you have a badass job. A great job. You make $100 AN HOUR. You work 10 hours a day ($1000 A DAY), 5 days a week ($5000 a week!!), every week ($20,000 A MONTH), thats $240,000 Every Year. It would take you 4,167 years to make a billion dollars Fuente: fandomsandfeminism 129,277 notas Excessive wealth comes from excessive misery.