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Animals, Children, and Food: British Farmer's Son @theveganleo youtube: ME. King Shocks Vegan World Part 1 We're living in a nation Where there's growing condemnation Of what is done to those who cannot talk I was blind to all their pain so I couldn't feel the shame In that broken piece of body on my fork Then I wondered, could any child breed a bird that can't be wild? To eat its wings, take off its legs and its head? No. So we pay for hidden slaughter till we've addicted sons and daughters To our habit of eating the dead And it's not so very long, since who could see the wrong In breeding humans as slaves without pay It could be a woman without a vote Or killing a leopard for its coat Did we ever see the evil of the day? So do you think you're any better Now the animals we fetter, outnumber every human ten to one And many children hardly eat Because their food has fed your meat While the blame for this shame, you pass on So give me avocados And I'll eat tofu burgers You can even give me black bean curd But please don't give me bread If it's wrapping the dead The remains of the body of a bird For every piece of flesh you buy You're paying to breed the next to die By compassion, no longer are we led And for the cow, it's worse, I fear They rod, rape her every year Take every calf, take all her milk Until she's dead This choice you say is your right That you can eat just as you like And it's merely an opinion that I voice But your choice, it kills so many This opinion kills not any And your victims, you give them any choice? So there's more to avocados And eating tofu burgers Than minimizing sickness and your girth No less than Einstein did resolve From eating flesh we must evolve Or mankind, he said, may not survive on earth The age in which we are living is ever more misgiving over what is done to those who cannot talk Are you blind to all their pain Can you not feel the shame In that broken piece of body on your fork? @theveganleo standup911