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Dancing, Disney, and Drinking: y Carl brydeswhale: mcloveleigh: peathefeary: brunhiddensmusings: protectblkwomen: badgyal-k: meanmisscharles: lessdanthree: what drugs were they on when they made this Cab Calloway rotascoped! Whoever thought of this was drinking absinthe Thanks, Now I have nightmares this was long before cartoons were ever thought of as ‘for kids’, the target audience of this one was roughly 20-40betty boop cartoons featuring cab calloway singing, yes, but slang has changed so much you dont realize he was singing about opium, sugar daddies, death, weed, sex, booze, and gambling back when gambling was nearly as tabboo as sex and drugs. ‘minnie the moocher’ where cab calloway is a dancing walrus is specifically about someone who does literally everything on that list but die most of the animation studios had their ‘thing’ to make their animation stand out, disney had fluid motion linked with quality music, warner brothers had top notch dialogue with carefully crafted facial expressions, MGM had comedic timing down to the individual frame that no live action comedian could dream of achieving, terrytoons had the budget of a ham sandwitch and a fistfull of nickelsfleischer studios however had authentic jazz and heavy toned subject matter, often crossing the line of what we think of as ‘cartoon violence’ into realistic idk why this is making me so emotional??? I love this. I’ve always had a love for cartoons This was what they were trying to emulate with the highway man’s song in over the garden wall.
Asian, Celtic, and Fire: Draw a fairy for each day of February PRomat list /5. Queen /6. Dance 3 Pearls/jewellery Music Bubble 2. Shells 3 Pearls . Ribbons Figure skating Celtic 5 Purse (handbag) 9 Heels 20 Arabian Noodles 8 Abyss 9. Snakes Asian 22. Fruits 23 Candies 2. Unicorn 25. Fire 26. Comet 27. Galaxy 28 Firework 10. Spiders . Nightmares 2. Bannished 13. Ghost 4. Angel - Use the prompt list above to help you - Post your creations to social media with the tags and spread fairies love! Challenge &prompt by Pinceau Are-en-Ciel - pinceauarcencieltumblr.com-Enjoy * pinceauarcenciel: 🌈 Fairyary is back! With a brand new prompt!! 
✨ Last year I created this little challenge to help me, as I love fairies but I don’t draw them enough~ 🦄 You’re most welcome if you want to join me on this challenge! Draw as much fairies as you can during February! Try to draw each day! Write if you prefer writing to drawing, whatever! The prompt is only here to help you if needed. ✨ • Tag your works with #Fairyary and #Fairyary2019 so everyone doing the challenge can see them too! 💮 • You’re allowed to repost the prompt on other social medias (except tumblr and deviantart) but, please, DON’T remove the credits. • Pour les francophones, vous pouvez aussi tagger avec #Féevrier et #Féevrier2019 ! 🐸 Liste des thèmes en français ci-après : Keep reading

pinceauarcenciel: 🌈 Fairyary is back! With a brand new prompt!! 
✨ Last year I created this little challenge to help me, as I love fairies...