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Books, Internet, and Michelle Obama: Anonymous (ID: zgWafymD) 07/19/16(Tue)02:17:19 No.81715177 You shills are mighty stupid. Trump is literally trolling the entire internet with his wife's speech right now. A few sentences of the first paragraph of a 17 minute speech happens to have similarities to Michelle Obama's speech. Over 50 media outlets have already posted the entire speech or part or the video to point this out. This is classic Trump free media. Her message is now out in full even on liberal media sites. He has put forward a half truth / error and is fully aware of the error knowing he will get publicity for it. The opposition (The media) quickly quickly moves to re-announce his message and then are blasting him for it. People will go watch the entire speech themselves The opposition reinforces the idea to the public (for him) an issue that he was trying to reinforce. (By making people read the speech and by placing Michelle Obama's name into headlines, further cementing the idea Melania will be the first lady) If anyone has ever read the books Art of the Deal or How to get Rich Trump literally tells you how to plant a story like this in the media. >>81715309 # >-8171 5810 # s Trump purposefully does this to get his wife free publicity he specifically chose Michelle Obama to plagiarize so they will be shown side by side in the media people start subconsciously considering them BOTH first ladies he gets the whole nation thinking past the sale" and subconsciously presuming he'll be president <p><a href="https://priceofliberty.tumblr.com/post/147658634943/trump-is-so-stupid" class="tumblr_blog">priceofliberty</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>“Trump is so stupid!”<br/></p></blockquote> <p>I want to scream but this is probably quite accurate. I wish some of the people who hate Trump so much would stop making it so darn easy for him to get ahead. Like all these morons who want to violently attack his rallies or draw all sorts of unnecessary attention to him or continue to deny obvious realities like Islamic terrorism thus making it seem like he&rsquo;s the only one pointing them out. They&rsquo;re really only making things worse for themselves. And simultaneously invalidating all the valid arguments against Trump.</p>

priceofliberty: “Trump is so stupid!” I want to scream but this is probably quite accurate. I wish some of the people who hate Trump so mu...