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Future, Tumblr, and Weird: Oth dimension The Oth dimension contains a dot it's nothing more but pure information 1st dimension If we take infinite dots we will get a line 2nd dimension If we take infinite lines, the result is a plane 3rd dimension If we take infinite planes, we get space 4th dimension This one is a little trickier, so if we add another dimension to space we get this weird looking thing called and tesseract. Previously we always added another dimension by taking the previous object (black) twice and adding new lines (red) connecting each corner. To understand the resutling concept of the 4th dimension, we need to imagine one single element of the 4th dimension. If one element of the 1st dimension is a dot, an element of the 2nd dimension is a line, an element of the 3rd dimension is a plane that means one element of the 4th dimension is space Very confusing, but if we imagine the 4th dimension being time, everything starts to make sense. One element of the 4th dimension is exactly one moment in the universe. Meaning that the universe in its current state is one of infinite elements of the 4th dimension. If every moment was part of a line this line would represent the history and future of our universe It goes even further, we can add another dimension. The 4th dimension as a whole is the history of a whole universe, the 5th dimension as a whole is every possible history of the universe. That means it contains every possible outcome for every event in the history of the universe. Adolf Hitler winning the war, the dinosaurs never being extinct by an asteroid and so on. If we add another dimension it gets beyond human comprehension. It means not only every possible universe, but every possible concept of physical constants. If we go further, we get every possible concept of logical and physical laws. We go even further and we get every possible concept of existence itseltf Keep in mind this is a model for understanding a concept. It's not how it really looks like or works, it's a way to understand. If you ask how our universe started to exist and what the first of all events was, you know that time is just one dimension of many. Our understanding of time is that one thing happenes after the other. Physics tell us that time and cause are just purely concepts of our minds.We happen to live in a universe with physical laws that allow consciousness to exist and travel along the 4th dimensional "line". Weare just seeing one moment after the other, infact the history of our universe just exists, not in a particular order. It's a line, the line always exists, it goes infintly into the future and past. There is no first or last, it is like written in a book that has never been written, we are reading it, but how you read it or where you start depends on who is reading it. The real question is not why anything exists, but if anything does not exist. epicjohndoe: An Easy Way To Understand It All