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Flaky: SAUVIGNON BLANC PINOT GRIGIO WHITE TABLE WINE VEGETABLES MOSCATO RIESLING MALVASIA CHARDONNAY MARSANNE SEAFOOD ST·LAURENT GAMAY MERLOT ZINFANDEL RED TABLE WINE WHITE MEAT CABERNET SAUVIGNON MALBEC SYRAH CHAMPAGNE PROSECCo SPARKLING WINE RED MEAT SHERRY PORT ICE WINE SWEETS E.C. Kraus Home Wine &Beer Making Supplies TYPES OF WINE GLASSES う Red wine White wine i Dessert wine Madera Sparkling wine Miscellaneous BASIC WINE GUIDE Pale Yellow Chenin Blanc Blanc. GewürztraVognier Almost Clear Green Pale Gold Pale Salmon Deep Pinik Rosé of Merlot Yellow Pale Gold Deep Violet Deep Gold Noble Rot Sweet Rose Wine with Riesing Noir, Carignan or Sémilion Some Deep SalmonPale Ruby Rosé of Cabernet Pinot Noit, Gamay Sangiovese, Deep Purple Sherry, Port, Sparkiling Wine Vinho Verde, Albariño. Pinot Gris,Semillon of Pinot Nebbiolo and Sauvignon Malbec Madeira, Marsala Mourvèdre, Petite Sirah, Petit Verdlot, Old Wine Verdejo, Grüner Wine Glasses Decoding a Wine Label The Producer The wineys name is not alwsys thi dy. t's also common to see the wne W. FOLLY PrisonIf you ie the wine ha Light Red Wine Glass Bold Red Wine Flute Wine Glass Wine Glass The Vintage By law, wines with over T0 Every year, changes in weather affect the 120-160 110-170 110-17O 120-180 150-200 190-290 range fronm what vintages you enjoy most commercialy dried fruit weet wine add 50 The Variety Aloohol by Volume Alcohol by Volume Alcohol by Volume Aloohel by Volume tSome 10-15% 12-17% 14-20% .2013 SYRAH COLUMBIA VALLEY WASHINGTON STATE lat the variety, instead they list the region oja is Tempranilo, Beaujolais is Gamay nd Red Burgundy is Pt Nir The alcohol elcan help CE COLD CELLAR TEMP COOL ROOM The Region The region can be from a geeralea sbe le volcanic Columbia Valley is known for bold red Lasts open Lauts open Wine with Food Salty Foods Vegetable Spicy Cuisine Creamy Richly Flavored Simple Dishes Roasted Food Rich Meats Sweets Dishes ris Ptato Chips, Cavia alan Cuisine, Spanish Cuine Pizza,Roasted Vegetable HEATS Pork Duck Lamb ured Meats Sausages Indian, Thai and Chines Dishes Salads, Sautéed egetables Roased Smoked and MEATS Olly Fhand Chick MEATS. Beef, Lamb, Pork. Venison Sausapes Cured Meats t Pasta Quiche Cre MEATS Fish and Shelfsh Chicken and Other Pouty MEATS: Pork Choo, Chicen Duck, Tarky nd Other Poultry piced Dishes EATS Rich Shfish Pok Loin Cicken and Other MEATS:Flaky Fish Chcken WINES: Port Sherry Syrah, Malbec. Petite Siah Pe Petit Vin Santa MEATS Rich ShehChicke and Other Poultry Merliot Pinot Gris Savignon Blanc WINES Most dry Rosd wine Aromas & Flavors Tasting Tips What do you smell? (RED) Fruit What do you taste? Name a few fut How acidic in this wie Flower/Herb Flower/Herb Orange iossom Thyme Other/Oalk Solution u This is just the tig o the eber keep esplering 2013, by winefelly com Lean By Drinkins