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Choose One, Life, and Money: BREAKING: House passes H.R.7, barring women from using insurance to pay for abortion. It also makes the Hyde amendment permanent. 1/24/17, 8:52 PM thefingerfuckingfemalefury: prochoice-or-gtfo: ouyangdan: stand-up-gifs: sullengirlalmlghty: apparentlyeverything: Senate Democrats are expected to filibuster, so tell your Democratic Senator (and the two pro-choice Senate Republicans, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski) that you don’t support this bill and don’t want it to pass the Senate.   http://www.cosmopolitan.com/politics/a8635781/house-passes-hr7/ The bill, which passed by a vote of 238–183, codifies the Hyde Amendment, a rule passed in 1976 that prohibits any taxpayer money from being used to fund abortions. What H.R. 7 will do, in effect, is cut off taxpayer funding to insurance plans that choose to cover abortion, even though those funds have been prohibited for use on abortion care ever since the Hyde Amendment was passed four decades ago. That’s why the bill’s title, “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017,” is misleading — it’s already illegal in the United States for federal tax dollars to be used to fund abortions. H.R. 7 also takes the Hyde Amendment a bit farther and would prohibit abortion coverage from being offered in multi-state health insurance plans created under the Affordable Care Act. According to a statement released by the Center for Reproductive Rights, the bill would cause millions of American women to lose insurance coverage for abortion. Heads up, especially to my Maine and Alaska followers who could flip Collins and Murkowski. Call your senators.  RITE SO LISTEN UP KITTENS AUNTIE OYD HAS SOME IMPORTANT INFO: guess what? this affects like, every insurance ever. even those of us who have good insurance like tricare. the hyde amendment already makes it impossible to get abortions in any tax-funded facility (like u.s. military treatment facilities anywhere in the world) UNLESS you can prove an imminent threat to the pregnant person’s life. now idk what kind of exceptions we are talking about (if any) with h.r. 7., but you really have to think about what sorts of reasons people have abortions. they’re not always choice or convenience (most of you know this but it bears repeating for the people in the back) but it’s okay if that is why you choose one. but sometimes there are time-sensitive emergencies and even medical professionals don’t treat them as such. this means termination of ectopic pregnancies may not be covered until something ruptures, which could kill you pretty damned fast. i had to wait two days for blood work to verify that i was at risk with high enough hormone levels before my insurance would allow me to get an abortion. another friend of mine was forced to carry her dead fetus because induction is considered abortion. she ended up getting a severe infection that threatened her life and eventually caused her to go into labor where she delivered a baby she already knew was dead. but this took weeks. and if you’re stationed in a country that outlaws abortion, you have absolutely no recourse unless you can get leave and afford to fly to another country (or find unsafe means like the marine who used the cleaning rod for her weapon on herself) . the hyde amendment on its own is terrible and scary and puts lives at risk. this spreads this shitshow around to the rest of y’all who may have had coverage for these things up until now, and basically screws all of us over and threatens lives. Call. Your. Senators. Now.-V CALL YOUR SENATORS AND TELL THEM TO FILIBUSTER THIS MISOGYNISTIC GARBAGE