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Advice, Apparently, and Beautiful: magicianmew: laughterkey: ryanhatesthis: yournewapartment: bodecats: pools-of-venetianblue: this is the purest video you will see all day, it includes not only practical advice on how to make cats feel comfortable but also: the most patient and long suffering clawdia bob ross, but a vet  squish the cat squish the cat, but with a towel absolute unit mr. pirate a little chubby but quite beautiful please watch this immediately Squish! That! Cat! I considered myself to be well versed on cats/communicating with cats. I’ve lived with at least two cats my whole life, and currently live with two very different cats who I love. Apparently most cats are shoulder cats? My cat Mason has always been very nervous about going up on people’s shoulders, so I thought I’d try the “shoulder cat” technique. I had to help him up on my shoulders because he’s never done it himself before. But once I got him up there I squished him, he started purring like nobody’s business. I carried him around our entire apartment, up and down staircases, and he was so happy. He didn’t try to leave once! When I put him down he head butted me and meowed and was super affectionate. And of course I gave him a treat. TLDR- Even if you live with cats and think you understand cats, please watch this video.  This is honest to god one of the best videos I’ve ever seen Always reblog Pirate wants more shoulder. 💓

magicianmew: laughterkey: ryanhatesthis: yournewapartment: bodecats: pools-of-venetianblue: this is the purest video you will see all...

Apple, Fresh, and Frozen: Hom fo mahe a smoothie Behold, the smoothie. A meal in a glass. And not just any meal. A fast one too. And done right, packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants healthy fats and so much more. Not only nutritious, but super delicious. Replace a meal such as breakfast or use it as a supplement or Stay healthy, lose weight, gain weight. Adapt it anyway you There's so much more to smoothies than fruit, yogurt and Here's how to make a smoothie- awesomel 1 ADD FRUIT Choose at least 2 types of fruit- fresh or frozen. And for a super healthy smoothie - make it green, adding vegetables such as kale, spinach & arugula Barana BerriesPearl apple WatermelonPeach SpinachKale ugulaBoet greens Dandeion greens 2 CHOOSE A BASE Add 1 2 Cups of liquid. The more juice your chosen fr have, the less liquid you need to add Fruit juiceIced coffee ced green tea Wator ricel almond soy mik water/ mik 3 THICKEN UP Thicken your smoothie to get the right consistencyl creaminess whilst making it more nutritious Nut buter Yogurt/k e cream (e.g peanut) cottage cheese frozen yogurt cubes CoounutChiasood Oata meat poylium busksbeans 4 FLAVOR IT Boost flavor with sweeteners, spices, fruits and herbs. Spices such as cinnamon add a layer of sweetness, without adding extra calories Honay Figs Dates Vanilal almond extract Nutmeg (eg minu basi) 5 POWER BOOST Take your smoothie to the next level with highly nutritive superfoods Protein powder Fish ol Goj berries Sprouts Ground flaxsends VitaminSpirulnal powderwhealgrass aair green powderpowder you should probably go to TheMetaPicture.com srsfunny:Behold, The Smoothie

srsfunny:Behold, The Smoothie