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America, Bad, and Beautiful: -HE WAS THE SENTINEL OF LIBERTY. THE LEADER OF THE AVENGERS-UNTIL A NEFARIOUS PLOT BY- THE RED SKULL TURNED HIM INTO AN AGENT OF HYDRA! FOR MONTHS, HE'S BEEN HIDING IN THE SHADOWS, MANIPULATING THE HEROES AND THE COUNTRY--AND TODAY HE STANDS POISED TO LAUNCH HIS ATTACK AND CEMENT HIS GREATEST VICTORY... AND NOw TO UNVEIL TO THE WORLD MY SUPER-SECRET PLAN ITS TIME EVERYONE LEARNED THE TRUTH ABOUT ME--THE REAL CAPTAIN AMERICA AND I KNOW JUST HOW TO REVEAL HAIL HYDRA GEND No!!! Repo This is arn outrage Catch these hands beautiful son My 80,000 word illaf essay on why this is bad (link My roommate made $70 an hour working from home Take your shirt off gibberish) predictable Die in a fire In Russia Hydra hails Delete your account My cat is crying now nice job YIKES. THIS IS IT, TRUE BELIEVER! SOME CALL IT BLOATED SOME CALL IT OFFENSIVE--WE CALL IT AN EPIC EVENT IN THE MIGHTY MARVEL TRADITION! (REDACTED FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR DIGNITY) PROUDLY PRESENTS...- the-arachnid-king: dealanexmachina: iithoughtofyoutoday: fandomshatepeopleofcolor: Marvel made this shit (note how most of the fans in it are brown). Marvel saw that people didn’t like “Captain is a n*zi” but reacted in that way.  links: https://twitter.com/spacetwinks/status/921773022666780672 https://twitter.com/thalestral/status/922083006730432512 submitted by anon ________________ thanks anon! So for those that don’t get it they’re being clearly racist and anti semitic in their depiction of the people that didn’t like Hydra!Cap. mod m You remember Nick Spencer, right?   Anyway this is his incredibly mature and measured response to his critics. Imagine being this terrible.  Note - this is from Marvel’s Not Brand Ecch! #14 out November 15th Friendly reminder that Marvel blamed fans, and later retailers, for their poor sales. Friendly reminder that Marvel blamed diversity for their poor sales. Friendly reminder that Marvel created the milkshake controversy after being rightly accused of not having as diverse a creative team as they claimed. Friendly reminder that Marvel tried to partner with Northrupp Grumman, the fifth largest weapons manufacturer in the United States, and nearly released a piece of propaganda to children on behalf of said weapons manufacturer. And they only cancelled it due to the massive backlash they received. Friendly reminder that Marvel’s X-Men Gold artist tried to hide an antisemitic message in his art and it somehow made it past the editors. Friendly reminder that Marvel has been publishing poorly written and poorly drawn comics that people aren’t buying for said reasons.