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Anime, Cartoon Network, and Love: COhen lwas a Kid hada big Spongebob plushie that Jeasth laved to was obsessed with Spongebob... Spongebob tooth brush paste! Ceadouod Pis! Sponge bob Bday Party! 0ριροφ ρυν could However, whe never AME-AVEmy undying CAPTAIN! love fo Sponge bob YoU READY KIDSP was not shared with my Mother... Ias ked her to comment and she stated: tgrates my 5ου His tormenting laugh haunts my dreams to this day "One day I came home from School and my s ponge bob plosh was missing from my bed./ \SPO0ONGEBOB! Searched everywhere but he was nowhere to be found... never Saw him ALWE! again... Years later,mother asked me to bring down my pillow covers So she could wash them ZI||I Spongebob wasn't misst na... He was murdered She amputate his limbs and nose and turned him into a pillow. Ga Istill cant believe yoo di that. lwas overcome with rage someoneintheshadow456: dysphoric-varian: dysphoric-rohan: dasha-henshins: outofpocket-prince: dysphoric-rohan: such-justice-wow: roselph: a murder mystery Uhhh that’s super fucked up if true. Imagine destroying your child’s toys and brushing it off I mean this is genuinely abusive. You can laugh it off now, but your parent destroyed your beloved possession just because your interests didn’t match theirs and they couldn’t manage their emotions. That’s a horrible way to treat your child. Ya that is fucked up :) but seriously you guys have some weird impressions of what parents are. They are dumbass adults who grew biological polyps. They are allowed to have feelings. Yeah turning SpongeBob into a Dexter pillow is not a stellar response to grateing nautical laughter, but it didn’t hurt anyone, and they can laugh about it now, what secret psychological dagger do you think was rammed into their heart? Abuse is more then being petty, it is more than being mean. Emotional parental abuse fucks you over about as much as physical one, but we just don’t talk about it. Don’t excuse abuse with “they’re just human and have feelings”. I have feelings, too, but do I break things belonging to my loved ones? Do I rip off the arms and legs of my fiancee’s or my brothers’ action figures and plushes? No! Because I love those people and treat their things with respect. It 100% does hurt people. Can you not imagine the pain of being a child and having your favourite stuffed toy go missing? Can you imagine the trauma of seeing your favourite stuffed toy mutilated when you’re just a child?Not respecting somebody’s belongings or going out of your way to destroy or get rid of somebody’s belongings is abuse. I know this because I was abused and this was done to me as part of my abuser’s control over me.Yes, abuse is more than being mean. Glad you mentioned that. Abuse is being mean, to somebody you’re supposed to love and care for, and who trusts you deeply. You’ve proved my point. Tearing up your kids toy is the same as destroying your fiances xbox. My mom practically grounded me every time I watched Cartoon Network because she thought it was annoying. My parents used to bully me for liking anime and even told me that the only way to get people to like me is to abandon it and become “normal, instead of watching stupid trash.” When I mentioned my classmates making fun of me they said “of course they will if you continue to watch garbage.” Worst part was that the lesson I ACTUALLY needed to learn was “be considerate about others, not everyone likes the same thing as you, there’s a time and place to talk about your interests.” But they didn’t know how to teach that to me and thought if they verbally abused me I’d somehow get the message from that.