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Dude, Fucking, and Gif: WillYouPressTheButton?.com I will not! You can shapeshift intout People will always know it's you any form you choose spaztomato13: wanderingwolfsbane: snippyschnapps: haiku-robot: rispahanguis: christiandevil7: nepetaloveme: tyfye49: kasaithederp: therapist-anon: cc-the-pathetic-nobody: chris-drawing-shack: weezy-pup: symmetrical-twin: perpetualcombustioninstruction: revereche: bogleech: elvenrainbow: shitsuren-chama: ocean-child-love: kaibas-paragraphical-mind: what-is-a-homestuck: WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT YOU COULD BE A FUCKING BADASS DRAGON THAT’S THE POINT “I AM A CREATURE OF DARKNESS” “oh hey sabrina.” I guess the point is that you could shapeshift into the body you always thought you’d grow into when you were a kid taller, shorter, slimmer, more muscular, purple hair, tattoos everywhere, tattoos nowhere,  every single shoe would fit you every single time you tried it on, every single article of clothing would fit your perfectly, all you have to do is transform slightly, you’d never run out of ‘your size’ again and you wouldn’t have to work for it at all, and you’d never be limitted by your bone structure or something. You could just transform at will. I don’t see how this is much of a downside When you turn into a sixty story tentacle demon and terrorize a city you want to get the credit you deserve Oh man that would be so sweet. I could be an annoying fuck as an insect or something but you couldn’t kill me because everyone would know That’s great but have you considered ~cosplay ~Halloween costumes ~acting ~cosplay ~stretching to reach stuff and shrinking to fit through spaces ~cosplay ~cosplay ~COSPLAY Dude this would literally be a trangender or genderfluid’s dream. PUSH DA BUTTON I’ll be able to be a cat my whole life! Yas! you could be a fucking furry, enough said. YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR TRANSPORTATION EITHER WANNA GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY? BECOME AN ALBATROSS THEY FLY LONG DISTANCES ALL THE TIME OR HELL JUST BECOME A FUCKING DOLPHIN IF ITS ANOTHER CONTINENT Become a god. Just, become a god. Enough said. Snake, dragon, cat, lion, tiger, etc. *slams button* I could finally look in the mirror without gagging! :: presses button :: i could finally look in the mirror without gagging :: presses button ^Haiku^bot^7. I detect haikus with 5-7-5 format. Sometimes I make mistakes. | Welcome @image-transcribing-bot | Contact | HAIKU BOT NO | Good bot! | Meep morp! Zeet! Time to abuse THIS power This is always my go to answer when someone asks me about super powers. At least, the shapeshifting part anyway *SMASHES BUTTON* BEEEEEF
Club, College, and Fire: MODELS 18+ years required. Nude No All Just browsing through the classifieds and then.. ts nt in Ph 041 EXPERIENCED kitchen-hand tpzza chef for mobile wood-fire catering. Mostly chel for mobile wood- weekends. Long-term. 0434516659 0410 723 601 601 -smoking usiastic en esume to Jana at info@ CHEF Enthusiastic & hard-working with qualifications & experience for our TUITION MATHEMATICS TUTOR grades 3 to 10. Ph John 0452260595 angalow Road, Byron Bay RO ntry Club friendly team at busy Bangalow Dining. Qualified teacher with 30 yrs experience Permanent residents only Email resume: eat@bangalowdining.com Phone 0423454773 FRENCH·ITALIAN-GERMAN Eva 66846760 www.languagetuitionbyron.com.au WANTED vated staff! PARLA ITALIANO with ERICA qualified native teacher. 0435635822 EVIL GENIUS seeks minions to sacrifice their lives in world domination attempt. Must be ntice chef. Full-time. prepared to work 24-7 for y fast-paced kitchenMessy death inevitable but fascist psychopath for no pay special Beg 1 Starting Oct 20 Conversation Starting Oct 7 Contact: Françoise 0417 250600 costumes and laser death rays upervisor nised and on whO n à la carte restaurant provided. No weirdos. Call: 1-900-MWAH-HAHA 4 ALL RÉSUME SERVICES No Interviews Yet??? Your Résumé is the problem! You need a scannable Résumé for all online job applications Interview Guaranteed! All Professions LOCAL BUSINESS SPECIAL PRICING com ekends and development, countability of the the manager 0 hours MUSICAL NOTES PIANO TUNER Restorer, repairer & retailer since 1981. Ph Dr Fred Cole 0412216019 or www.specialt Sonia Lynch year in a similar role. 1300 655 358 PIANO TUNING references to o.com Tuner for Planet Music, Studio 301 & TH E SAE College. R. Barkley. 0422221116 www.reubenbarkleypianotuning.com.au CASTLE BYRON SOUND LOUNGE rehearsals, recording & PA hire. Ph 66808938 on nunity ge Skilled Barista Required RAL NOTICEs .Permanent position, full day shifts Up to 4 days per week, incl. Friday & Saturday courses... FINCH, MARGARET MARY PEGGY srsfunny:Evil Genius Needs Some Help

srsfunny:Evil Genius Needs Some Help

Ali, Bodies , and Halloween: Following @sydnerain Yes, People Really Gave a Shit About a Sexualized Handmaid's Tale Costume, Rather Than Drawing Attention to the 48 Products Fetishizing and Sexualizing Actual Indigenous Women From the Same Exact Company: And yes, we really are in hell Yes, A Company Really Made A Sexy Handmaid's Tale' Halloween Costume And, no, it didn't go over well. huffingtonpost.com WeeziesBooksWeeziesBooks Sep 21 they still selling "sexy Native costumes Yandy explain. 13 t 299 523 WeeziesBooks WeeziesBooks Sep 21 @Yandy you want to talk about women's oppression, let's talk about the 5100 #MMIW. In case you don't know what that means.. 5100 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Because our bodies are seen as commodities thanks to the sexy squaw trope. 2ti 35 105 WeeziesBooks @WeeziesBooks Sep 21 If you can appease outraged women who are mad about a fictional character's costume, then you should have NO problem pulling costumes that hurt REAL Indigenous women. Ali Nahdee @AliNahdee Replying to @WeeziesBooks The Handmaid's Tale already appropriates oppression experience by WoC all over the world and just paints it in whiteface so this honestly doesn't surprise me. It's only considered a tragedy or a womens issue when it's applied to white women. Gross. :35 PM-21 Sep 2018 1 Like doesthendnlive:People are more outraged about a sexualized Handmaid costume but not the hypersexualized racist costumes that are routinely called out and criticized by WoC all the time. But what else is new?
Anaconda, Fake, and Funny: ZEEKAYART our costumes for halloween this year: angela anaconda and johnny abatti from angela anaconda, and not that fake french ninny-poo

our costumes for halloween this year: angela anaconda and johnny abatti from angela anaconda, and not that fake french ninny-poo