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Beautiful, Girls, and God: the-nora-borealis: transgirltumbling: liquidsadism: bloodcountessabendroth: kittenlord: transgendergamergirl: transgirltumbling: emanantfeminine: transquesting: omnimpotent: lady-azael: transgirltumbling: stacysadistic: anoctobertale: skyington: pinkpunktrans: lady-azael: herecomeszoe: transgirltumbling: hungerfaerie: transgirltumbling: rocketmermaid: lady-feral: kittenlord: transgirltumbling: lady-azael: herecomeszoe: lady-azael: shatteredchrystal: transgirltumbling: Do you ever look at old photos of yourself and think …. who the hell is that? NO. FREAKING. KIDDING. :D  My god this post keeps getting better…. Saving this post for when I get home so I can add to it :P Not quite as impressive as the others but I figured I’d add my own! Whaaaaat?! Girl, you look great!! i couldnt really grow facial hair but still.. Ooooh, can I play? DANG Y’ALL As for me, I haven’t been at it that long but I already feel a ton better: You don’t have to be at it long to look good! You are killing it! hello i am the grand duchess of unimpressive transition timelines  As the Empress of Having My Own Opinion About Things Rex, I declare you, by royal decree, as having been born with that beauty! is it too late for me to hop on this train? :) Hope away! I never get tired of seeing your transition timelines!! So jealous :D Ok here I go… ooooo I wana win the things too! I am pretty! You ARE! WOW!!! I’m still super early with things, but let me add this! If that’s you-just-getting-started, your idea of “super early” and mine must be very different! You’re already a knockout. :) May I join? Still awaiting hormones but Kinda interesting how many of us used to rock beards. Who knew that behind those beards hid magnificent angelic beings? (I did) First of all GORGEOUS!  Second of all, as I’ve looked through alllll of these reblogs, I’ve thought the same thing! Lots of us were rocking some level of facial hair.  I know that for me, it was a last ditch effort to do SOMETHING guys do because I couldn’t really find much anything else.  It was also a convenient place to hide from myself. I want to do the thing! Before (December 2013) After (March 2015) this is my favorite thing, all trans girls look amazzzzing Started HRT at 32 maybe six months or so after the first pic at 32 years old.  Second pic is me now at 35. =) it’s never too late to join the game right? Never too late! Yesss! I love this and seeing lots of familiar ladies on here that was a big motivation for me to transition 💜 All these beautiful ladies my little wlw heart cant take this 💜

the-nora-borealis: transgirltumbling: liquidsadism: bloodcountessabendroth: kittenlord: transgendergamergirl: transgirltumbling: ema...

Being Alone, Children, and Clothes: tweeckos: a gay camp that parents send their children to in order to be "corrected" that is actually a disguised safe haven for LGBT youths Please let this be a thing Kids being asked their preferred name and pronouns as they get off the bus. Kids being housed with the gender they identify as. Kids swapping clothes so their outside can reflect their inside. Older kids getting gay/lesbian/trans- inclusive sex education. Cis girls teaching trans girls to do their makeup. Trans boys learning to bind safely. Counselors sharing positive coming-out stories around the campfire. Kids learning to include their pronouns when introducing themselves. Kids coming to camp scared and alone and leaving with the best support network anybody could possibly hope for. This needs to exist I need this | HOTLINES: | LGBT Hotline: 8664887386 Suicide Hotline: 18002738255 Transgender Hotline: 8775658860 Self Harm Hotline: 18003668288 Abuse Hotline: 18007997233 Sexual Assault Hotline: 8779955247 Eating Disorder Hotline: 18009312237 Crisis Text Line: Text "HOME" 741-741 | lgbt lgbtq lgbtpride saga lgbtcommunity pansexual lgbtqia lgbtrights lgbtsupport lgbtyouth equality genderfluid textpost nonbinary asexual lgbtqa agender gainpost polysexual demisexual demigender bigender lgbtlove feminism feminist lgbtqap lovewins loveislove lgbtqsupport lgbtsupporter

| HOTLINES: | LGBT Hotline: 8664887386 Suicide Hotline: 18002738255 Transgender Hotline: 8775658860 Self Harm Hotline: 18003668288 Abuse Hot...

Bailey Jay, Chicago, and Comfortable: babydreamgirl: babydreamgirl: babydreamgirl: Hi babes - I try to really reserve asking for help unless it’s something I really need, and at the moment I find myself needing some help, and many of you on anon have asked for my paypal recently so I figured I’d make a post detailing my current situation. I’m a trans girl sex worker in New York, and I’ve been having issues booking calls. This is in part because of an extremely negative lie filled review by a blacklisted customer on the preeminent New York escort review board but also because New York coin can often be super flakey which I’ve had issues with recently - all of my bookings in the last three weeks have flaked, and as a result I’ve had to burn through a lot of my savings continuing advertisements and just living. I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and travel a bit as I’m not currently tied to a lease. I want to start in Chicago, as I know the coin for trans girls is much better, and I have new photos and a new ad layout that will translate to a lot of income when I get there, as new faces in major cities always come out on top especially with polished ads. My only issue is money - because of my current work situation, I can’t afford a bus or plane ticket, and I can’t afford a hotel room to work out of, and I can’t afford to post my ad (Eros ads in major cities run you 140-200 dollars) I know that everybody is in dire straights, but I want to put myself in a situation to grow. I desperately need several gender confirming surgeries as soon as possible, and I want to put myself in a situation where I can start really saving for those things and as long as I stay stagnant in this market I’ll never be able to do that If you can spot your favorite elfin cryptid trans girl, my paypal is 7gabrielle7drew7@gmail.com And my Venmo is gabbydrew1000 if you prefer Thank you for reading, and if you do decide to help me out at any level, message me (if you feel comfortable) so that I can thank you personally 🌹I love all of you, and I’m sorry to burden the dash with this I’m at the point now where I’m like confronting the fact that to make enough money to temporarily relocate I may have to take potentially very dangerous bookings (without my taser because she’s still chilling at the hotel I left her at 😑) because I’m just not getting any that are up to my normal screening standards and I’m like really really scared of that so if u can reblog or donate that will potentially reduce the amount of scary positions I have to put myself in to get to a new market - sending u all love and light and I wanna thank everyone for the donations I’ve already received and for the endless love and emotional support in my inbox and messages like y'all warm my heart on such a deep level 🌹🌹🌹🌹 I found out that I can’t stay where I’m currently staying anymore, so I’m trying to leave ASAP but am still lacking - one last push to raise the money to help me succeed outside of new york for a while and rebuild my finances 

babydreamgirl: babydreamgirl: babydreamgirl: Hi babes - I try to really reserve asking for help unless it’s something I really need, and ...