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Ace Ventura, Ass, and Family: Jim Carrey @JimCarrey 21h If you're wondering what fascism leads 'to, just ask Benito Mussolini and his mistress Claretta. 1,860 t7,274 26.9K Alessandra Mussolini @Ale_Mus.... 7h You are a bastard 1,101 t 510 ) 1,486 Evan O'Connell @evanoconnell 3h v I think you're confusing Jim Carrey with your murderous grandfather. 30 214 3,105 Alessandra Mussolini @Ale_Mu... 5m v And now @JimCarrey draw this other 4 Alessandra Mussolini @Ale_Mu... 8m Hi @JimCarrey now draw this for us 39 STAND WITH THE WGA Joe Randazzo @Randazzoj Follow Mussolini's granddaughter is arguing on Twitter with the man who made his ass talk in Ace Ventura 8:03 AM-31 Mar 2019 788 Retweets 5,198 Likes 47t 788 5.2K making-moriartea: iwilleatyourenglish: pissvortex: givinginandsigningup: This is kind of bullshit on Jim’s part. She’s not responsible for her grandfather’s sins. he didn’t even mention alessandra she went out of her way to defend her dead fascist grandfather Alessandra Mussolini is an adamant nationalist who has worked to glorify Italy’s past. she founded Social Alternative, a coalition of alt-right political parties, when the conservative group to which she previously belonged, National Alliance, tried to move away from their fascist past.  she also produced fraudulent signatures for an election in 2005 and, when she was criticized by transgender Italian MP candidate Vladimir Luxuria for being a fascist, she replied “better a fascist than a f***gt.” in october of last year, she declared she’d sue anyone who spoke ill of her grandfather.  as someone who has family that literally fled italy during his rise to power, all i can say is she is a fucking monster and i hope she rots in hell. the fact her family continues to have political power is a fucking disgrace. “Shes not responsible for the sins of her grandfather.” Youre right! She is 1000% responsible for her own racist and fascist actions though!