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Run, Singing, and Wtf: On brad/vip/pr-demo-franework: features On brad/vip/pr-deno-framework: demo VIP on brad/vip/pr-demo-trane. ork: a4cae2a197 VIC-1868 Redo status messaging (#2457) franewor: fal o testing hacks framevor wt On On IC-3880-power-save engine: disable prox sensor take 2 On brad/vip/VIC-3880-power-save-engine: audio mut ing ine: disable prox sensor ine: viz On brad/vip/VIC On brad/vip/no-wifi: wrong way to turn stats: attempt at seconds seen On brad/vip/vall-tine-pt-2: engine time test On brad/wip/vall-time: tinezone test On brad/vip/VIC-3285-stats: Wall time On brad/vip/VIC-2951-das-anin-event: das webots printf n nichelle/VIC-2990-AddSDKBehaviorHook 2: michelle test fixes On brad/Mip/sanding-2: debugging On brad/wip/sanding-2: hacks On brad/vip/sanding-2: work On brad/vip/active-feature-intent: lambda for IsActive intent n brad/wip/active-feature-docs: n brad/Mip/VIC-1868-status-ness ges: wtf an I do IP on brad/wip/VIC-2382-active-feau On brad/vip/sanding: assert on robot On brad/vip/sanding: hacks NIP on brad/vip/sanding iveFeature section to behavior docs 9c8c1 tete singing behavior instances observing more active : roll to upri nt (dont like it : hacks IP on brad/Mip/sanding: dfe4bf5f4c Add Wiggu IP on brad/vip/sanding: 7b73fefe05 Clean up behavior stack fix On brad/vip/VIC-2811-stin-behaviors: robot viz n brad/vip/VIC-2811-st.in-behaviors: stim tuning toCharger behavior and OnchargerPlatform condition nodes COmpilationg default-directory:/Documents/code/victor/engine/aiComponent/behav Conpilation started at Wed Jut 11 22:01:46 et -o pipefail; cd git rev-parse -show-toplevel'&& /project/victor/build-victor.she c Debug-02 I ta ontransfer e/ninja-thrott le.py ttempting to instalt nake rad/anki/cnake/dist/3.9.6/Ctake.app/Contents/bin/cmake ttempting to run fetch-bui ld-deps.sh set set s/code/victor/project/victor/scriots/fatch #HeyVector Vector by Anki | A Giant Roll Forward For Robotkind การดู 56K ครั้ง 20 แชร์ ดาวน์โหลด บันทีก 1.1K ติดตาม anu Anki ผู้ติดตาม 57K คน Is this how you make programming effective?

Is this how you make programming effective?