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Mythology in 5 seconds: thebuttkingpost Greek mythology: aren't the god great they only sexually harassed my wife and turned one of my children into a stag beetle this week Norse mythology: dînghïr cene nüt got his name when he killed a lizard the size of every mountain in the world without Odin's permission so Odin thought it would be funny to punish him by making him fart so hard one of his nuts flew off wait-whereami Chinese mythology: This guy just shot down 9 of the 10 suns scorching the planet but he's mean now so his wife and her rabbit overdosed on immortality pills and floated into the moon so he won't be a tvrant forever and we made cake in her honor dominawritesthings Yoruba mythology: a project team of gods was sent to earth on THE most massive project ever and the men decided to exclude the lone woman on the team because har har girls suck, and she responded by taking ALL OF THE WATER ON EARTH and watched the men take L's until the team lead made them take her back This same goddess is the one a group of male human villagers had to appeal to when the women of their village got so pissed off at their fuckery, they literally left and set up shop somewhere else and had zero plans of coming back notavodkashot Aztec mythology: Tezcatlipoca is at it again. Which Tezcatlipoca? Does it even matter at this point? Also, Quetzalcoatl had a bright idea again. It ended up in disaster Again taraljc rish mvthology: local queen kicks husband out of bed for trying to prove he brought more to the marriage. this results in supremely vicious and bloody war over a cow that ravaged Ulster and Connacht nonasuch the talmud: these rabbis are basically LotR wizards as scripted by Mel Brooks. one time Rabbi Eliezer got so mad about an argument over how to make an over kosher that he destroyed 1/3 of the world's crops. it would have been all of them but when they sent someone to tell him he was excommunicated for the oven fight he broke the news gently also he tried to murder Rabbi Hillel with a tidal wave but Hillel rebuked the wave so that was done. runawaymarbles Sumerian mythology: The water god cheated on his wife with his great great granddaughter so now all his limbs are pregnant Source: thebuttking... #greek mythology #mythology #chinese mythology Mythology in 5 seconds