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Af, Driving, and Energy: Me high af after Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving Day Thoughts & Suggestions🐔 (Via @danfleyshman) 1. DO NOT DISCUSS POLITICS with anyone on Thanksgiving for any reason!🤐In the "gambling world" we call this a "Negative Free-roll" meaning you can only lose and nothing good can come from the situation. 2. Listen more.🗣Most of you on my Facebook are "Movers & Shakers" so your family & friends like to hear what's going on in your exciting worlds...🚀However, they'd also be happy campers if you listened to what's going on in their lives, whether they're 7 years old or 70.🌏 3. Bite your tongue.👅I know this is hard for many of you, but YOU DON'T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE RIGHT!(even when you are.)😱If you stop & think about how un-important most topics-statements are tonight and really think about how truly important it is to have positive energy & happy good memories, you won't snap at your Aunts new boyfriend for saying something absurd like: "The internets just a fad."🙄 4. Don't let ANYONE drink & drive!People are already bad at driving and there will be a lot of other people on the road that have been drinking, so be extra careful please. I've already lost some amazing humans too soon and I don't wanna lose anymore to motor vehicles.🙏🏻 5. Don't take people for granted. Enjoy the time you have with family & friends. Tomorrow is not promised. Every holiday I think about father, step-father, grandmother, old roommate, a dozen friends that were under 30 years old that are no longer in my life, that I can't send a silly holiday text to or see in person ever again😔... Moral of the Story: Be thankful today & everyday that you won the DNA lottery and can afford a mobile phone and are able to read this far down on a social media post, when 2 billion people don't even have access to electricity, clean water or will ever hold a mobile phone in their hand.📱

Thanksgiving Day Thoughts