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Anaconda, Animals, and Children: This is his Jokers first day on the job, and he's being such a good bay. Donald W. Cook is a Los Angeles attorney with decades of experience bringing lawsuits over police dog bites- and mostly losing. He blames what he calls "The Rin Tin Tin Effect"-ures think of poice dogs as nobe, and have trouble vaualzing how violant thay can be during an anst Policel use terms like 'apprehend' and restrain,' to try to portray it as a very antisaptic event," Cook says. "But you look at the video and the dog s chewing away on his leg and mutilating him Cook says the proliferation of smart phones and body cameras is capturing a reality that used to be lost on juries. "If it's a good video," he says, "it makes a case much easier to prevail on The new generation of videos is capturing scenes of K9 anrests that ar bloodier and more violent than imagined by the public. An NPR examination of police videos shows some officers using biting dogs against people who show minimal threat to officers, and a degree of violence that would be unacceptable it inflicted directly by the officers In fact, in many videos, the release of a dog appears to escalate the violence of an arrest You just look at the dog as the source of pain and you do everything you can to addiress that pain," says Seth Stoughton. He's a former police officer, now an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of South Carolina who studies police use of force. Those shouted commands- you'll deal with that later, when the pain stops. And yet suspects who kick and try to shake the dog off are often accused of resisting arrest. NPR (November 20, 2017 i don't care what this dog in particular is being trained to do. furthering the idea that police dogs are somehow cute or good directly contributes to injustice and the perceived acceptability of police violence My aunt rescues and rehabilitates geman shepherds, and the vast majority are failad police dogs. The rehab process for these dogs is intense. They are trained to be hyper vigilant and to resort to violence. They are aften is worse condition than formerly abused animals I spent a summer training one of these balls of anxioty. She was too fast and strong for my aunt to train her, so l did it. The biggest hurdle was getting her out of the mindset that biting someone gets her a treat. I had to let her bite my arm, forcible breek the hold, and kennel her all without giving her a response because these dogs are trained to equate someone screaming at them as Go Time. By letting her attack me and showing her that I was stronger than her and then not allowing her to play with the other dogs was what finally got her to stop attacking whenever she heard a loud nolse or was surprised or just felt like it She still had to be homed in a gun-free, pet-free, child-free home because of the sheer anxiety she was bred for. These dogs are not cute, they are horribly esbiengender My mom did the exact opposite of what the person above is talking about, she was involved in training the dogs not to restrain themselves when attacking. She was 18-21 and they had her wear this thick glove and then provoke the dogs onto biting her anm. She sald thay didn't naturally want to be very aggressive tawards a 100 pound, 83" girl, which is the size my mother was at the time. She has scars on her arm from getting time to bite so hard it broke the protective gloves I remember thinking that was cool as a kid. Now I just find it hoifying that they were teaching dogs to use brutal force against... children. My mother may have been a young adult at the time but most people are 100 pounds and 53* as teenagers, not adults What are short, skinny teens even doing that warrants the use of dogs? Can a grown man with a gun really not subdue someone that size on their own?7 It's animal abuse used to further police brutality Yeah. This pup isn't cute, it's being trained to by exceptionally dangerous. If he fails (and chances are he will he will be in for a very kong recovery. If he passes then when he gets older and can no longer work, they will merely outhanize him since rehablitating him at ton will be too much work These dogs are exceedingly dangerous, suiffered years of abuse at the hands of their handlers and trainers, and are quite simply not 'adorable', oven 'on their first day' secing as we know what abuses they are in for. Thay're trained to do as much damage as possible, even against peaple who are no threat to begin with. And if the person tries to fight the dog off, as any person might, the dog is trained to escalate. If the person screams, struggles, or attempts to defend themselves, the dog is trained to escalate Read that again. Ta peron per any nomnel umen pain-recporcec n eporee to being biten and chewed by a dog, the dog hac been taned to do een MOve dlamage, In videos they are often forcibly remaved from the victim by an officer who is wearing gear to protect them from the dog because thay will not stop, and they are too dangerous for the officer to pull them away without heavy protective gear. Whout prolectie gear, the oficec ae at rk of being mangled by ter oun doge becauce the dog doecnt care wo t&ng Shit i never knew all this or even thought about it The cutest little thing