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Advice, Books, and Fail: Sylvia J. @justviasyl On 10/24, I had 12 days remaining on my monthly MetroCard when it read "invalid" Just 30 minutes ago, it read invalid again, and it doesn't expire until 12/6. How much more time and money do I have to waste, #MTA? Your best advice is for me to mail it in. You must be jokin 8:04 PM-12 Nov 2018 2 Likes 2 li 2 NYCT Subway@NYCTSubway-8h wReplying to @justviasyl Hi Sylvia - -we know how frustrating this can be. Unfortunately, yes, a malfunctioning Unlimited Ride MetroCard must be mailed into us for investigation. Please do so right away as the reimbursement is based on the postmark date. (12) ABD NYCT Subway@NYCTSubway 8h Replying to @justviasyl The good news is that we are working on a new fare payment system that will include contactless and mobile payment options and, we believe, will be far more reliable and efficient. See mtainfo/press-release/ for more details. (2/2) л BD a J. @justviasyl 1h Replying to @NYCTSubway 1/3: 1) Visited the MetroCard Customer Service Centre-expecting reimbursement within 2 weeks like I was told. 2) Can you please clarify whether we get a new card/money is deposited baclk into the acc. we purchased the MetroCard with? 3) Still haven't heard about 10/24's incident Sylvia J. @justviasyl 60m Replying to @NYCTSubway 2/3: and I'm supposed to consistently waste more money when these issues occur and play the waiting game. My mom also sent in a claim form on 9/23 and has received nothing. Worst service ever. Don't make promises and fail to deliver, please Syia J. @justviasyl 59m Replying to @NYCTSubway 3/3: What are the statistics like for issues like this? This happens a lot in my neighborhood and I know a lot of people who would not come forward and chase after these happenings because of the lengthy process and/or language arrier Sylia J. @justviasyl 43m Replying to @NYCTSubway Great, it really is about time for contactless and mobile payment options to be available. More time should be spent on implementing more efficient processes. justforsmiles: justforsmiles: justforsmiles: justforsmiles: My friend said: “You’re such a millennial - taking the fight to social media.” Yep. That I did. I’m just livid.  I’ll stop sharing this when the MTA stops taking all my hard-earned money I could be using for tuition, stickers, books, food, and other expenses. (Oh wait, that’s never…) Reblogging one week later…nope, I still have not heard anything regarding my 10/24 incident. I WILL NOT LET THE MTA get away with any of this so easily  The MTA has been even more upsetting this week. It has been taking two hours to get to work and get home…four hours of my life being stuck on trains that constantly seem to be experiencing extensive delays. OH AND STILL NOTHING from the MTA…I WANT MY REIMBURSEMENTS. Two weeks. It has been over a month since my first incident. The funny thing is that I’ve noticed MTA workers seated by the train station stairs and guys in uniform looking over the turnstiles. Let me just flatter myself for a moment and pretend they’ve seen posts like this going around and they sense more people will try to get through without paying. I have not done that but that just gets me even more frustrated. I am NOT at all well off to be in this position right now. MTA, you are absolutely dead in my books. 

justforsmiles: justforsmiles: justforsmiles: justforsmiles: My friend said: “You’re such a millennial - taking the fight to social media....