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Ass, Bruh, and Children: When my mom start getting an attitude w people jus tryna do they job OooOOOooOOoOoO I BE WANTING TO SNAP PEOPLE NECKS BRUH. Yesterday I was working 5-10 and at about 9:30, about 50 people walked in, no exaggeration. So all 50 of these idiots decide to dine in, even though the store was closing in 15 minutes at this point (btw most of them were white teenagers, not adults). So yeah, the rest of the store was preparing to close because it was so late, and there was only one person in the kitchen, so food was being made pretty slow. So all these fucking teenagers and shit are complaining to ME. ME. NIGGA I AM NOT MAKING YOUR FUCKING FOOD. YOURE THE ONE WHO HAD THE FUCKING AUDACITY TO WALK IN HERE 30 MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING. “Dude we’ve been waiting forever for our food.” Nigga I’ve been wanting to RKO though this table since you walked in, shutchobitchassup. AND THEN SOME OTHER BULLSHIT HAPPENS. THESE FUCKING 18 YEAR OLD COLLEGE STUDENTS DECIDE TO FUCKING GET IN THE CHILDRENS PLAY AREA AND CRAWL AROUND. MY NIGGA WHO RAISED YOUUUU. IM GIVING YO WHOLE BLOODLINE THESE FUCKING HANds NOW. So out of the 6 employees that are still here, one of us has to go over there and tell those dumbasses to get out of there. So one of my coworkers go over and tell them that they have to get out. THEN THESE CUNTS SAY: “But I meet the height requirement.” NIGGA THE HEIGHT FOR FUCKING CHILDREN? IDC IF YOU BUILT LIKE FUCKING X OL SHORT ASS NIGGA, THIS IS A CHILDRENS AREA FOR CHILDREN ONLY. ISTG IF THEY WALK IN THE STORE TODAY (I work 3-9), I’m losing my shit. Yeah anyway that was my rant