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Bernie Sanders, Brains, and College: tranarchist: memser: c-elebutante: real-housewives-of-neotokyo: snatchedweaves: rigaya: zednanrefkcaj: My energy im the girl EAT THE RICH Who is she I adore her okay literally who is she why doesn’t she have her own show her name is dasha nekrasova!  Some background in her own words: In an interview with Teen Vogue, Dasha explained what the interview was like. “When I realized I was on Infowars, I was excited because I figured they would say something crazy and funny,” she said. “It wasn’t hard to ‘own’ Ashton because nothing she said made sense or even followed a logical train of thought. I was honestly stunned when she started talking about rats, so a lot of what’s happening with me in the video is sheer bewilderment.” She also explained her “worms in your brains” comment: “When I said, ‘I just want people to have healthcare, honey,’ one of their reporters said off-camera, ‘That’s what Hugo Chavez said,’” Dasha said. “And when I looked in their eyes, they seemed so sick and crazy, like they had parasites in their brain that were making them say all this stupid, confused sh*t.” Dasha went on to share why she expressed her support for free universal healthcare, saying, “As an uninsured person, I feel personally victimized by the idea that anyone should be denied healthcare. Poor people shouldn’t get sick and die because they can’t afford to see a doctor, obviously,” she said. She also made a point to distinguish her socialist beliefs from mainstream liberalism. “When Infowars posted the clip on YouTube, they titled it ‘Liberals Defend Socialism at Bernie Sanders Event,’” she said. “It seems like there is a lot of conservative confusion and conflation of liberal’ and 'leftist.’ “I’m a democratic socialist and a Bernie supporter and believe in things like wealth redistribution and socialized healthcare,” she said. “I’m not even an especially political or radical person — I read Marx in college, which affirmed my views that capitalism is evil and responsible for many of our social ills, which feels to me like common sense having experienced poverty.” An Infowars post appears to indicate that the original video of Dasha has been removed. But Dasha wanted to make sure future generations could see her answers. “I posted the video on my Twitter for posterity,” she said, “and I thought it was funny [that] they took it down because they’re such failures.”