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SpongeBob, Stars, and Band: I just realized that in the Band Geeks episode, when everyone stars fighting, Spongebob is fighting his own arm

I just realized that in the Band Geeks episode, when everyone stars fighting, Spongebob is fighting his own arm

Be Like, Children, and Crying: sorry-ipanicked So me dude bro on the internet talking about the new She-Ra reboot: Ugh SJWs are taking over cartoons and making them all preachy. I hate it when shows try to push an agenda on kids. Why can't they be like they used to be, you know? Original He-Man, looking straight at the audience: We had a lot of fun here today but you know what isn't fun? Judging others based on how they look. Not liking a person because he or she is a different race or religion is wrong. Also, plant a tree, and don't do drugs. bogleech Lou Scheimer was born to a German Jewish family and believed that his cartoons had a responsibility to teach children kindness and respect for everybody Back then there were also MILITANT divides between "boy's" and "girl's" entertainment but when he found out He-Man had at least a small following of little girls he pitched the concept of He-Man's sister She-Ra and was insistent she be as tough a warrior as her brother. He saw that girls actually did like scary" sword and sorcery and had a WHOLE EW FUCKING SHOW made so they could fee l acknowledged and have a heroine to look up to with her very own series er he would help design a whole new sci-fi fantasy setting with the most creative control he ever had, Bravestarr, and was adamant that the hero be a Native American man, the first ever in a starring role on a kid's action show He also wanted Bravestarr to be a positive role model by being a patient, gentle, soft spoken man who abhors violence and avoids using guns at all costs These cartoons are remembered as schlocky toy commercials and they ARE entertaining that way but real love went into them by a guy who wanted kids to grow up more sensitive and caring. Some of these same geeks crying about THE SJW'S were raised by even more bluntly progressive media than we've almost ever had and they didn't even know it Source: sorry-ipanicked 46,706 notes She-Ra
SpongeBob, Today, and Old: Shoutout to the greatest Spongebob episode ever made. Band Geeks is 17 years old today

Shoutout to the greatest Spongebob episode ever made. Band Geeks is 17 years old today

Bad, Bitch, and Curving: AREERS WITH STEM Code STreers Wlth Game-changing jobs Or tomorrow Combining-traditional cultural values with digital technologies p26 JUMP INTO Don't know what to do? Our has ogoga oui qwiz haTODAY'S all the answers p2o City vs Regional 7 very different paths to a coding career p14 COOLEST TECH JOBS eerswithSTEM.com Artificial intelligencel (Creativityl [Cybersecurity) (Start-ups! (Culturel Google MARU NIHONIHO LISY KANIE GAMERS ELISSA HARRIS A FUN, INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION RECOGNISES THE GROUNDBREAKING WORK BY WOMEN IN THE GAMES INDUSTRY e days of gaming being a boys-only zone are well and truly over. Nearly half of all gamers are women and, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of women working in the industry rose from 8.7% in 2011-12 to 15% in 2015-16. But there is still a long way to go, and incidents like Gamergate-where female gamers and developers in the US were harassed and threatened for speaking out against sexism-give the industry a bad reputation. An exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) called Code Breakers: Women in Games aims to change that. Ten female programmers, producers, designers and directors from Australia and New Zealand are featured, and visitors can play their games, which range from big studio releases like Little Big Planet and Tricky Towers through to more experimental titles. As programmer Elissa Harris says in the exhibition, "One of the most important things for a child growing up is seeing people who look like them doing the things they want to be doing. More diversity behind the scenes also leads to more diversity in the games themselves. Protagonists in games used to be mainly men-now there is more variety, in culture and race, as well as gender. For example, Maru Nihoniho's Metio Interactive produces games with Mäori characters, and players can choose to play in English or Te Reo Mãori. And the good news is, Australia is ahead of the curve when it comes to being inclusive. Lisy Kane was the first female hire at League of Geeks in 2014 now the team is 35% women. "The video game industry has definitely identified the gender mbalance problem," she says. "They've accepted it and taken it on board and want to improve it." Code Breakers is at ACMI until November 5. Play the games online at acmi.net.au.-Chloe Walker Careers with Cade 29 Code CODE BITCH
Bitch, Bodies , and Comfortable: sophie @pixievalkyrie Follow oh if only there was an example of a character who wears a"skimpy"outfit who is very comfortable in her sexuality and exposure instead of unwillingly being put in uncomfortable situations because of horny developers 8:19 AM- 23 Feb 2018 398 Retweets 1,059 Likes 923l 398 1.1K sophie @pixievalkyrie 24h Wanna know why Bayonetta being so over-the-top sexual works? it's consent! it's that easy!!! that's literally it!!! Bayonetta is never uncomfortable with her oversexualization because she relishes in it sophie @pixievalkyrie 24h Girls owning their bodies and being sexy is not the problem. Girls being put in situations where they're obviously uncomfortable with the situation for comedic effect or because of horny developers is the problem. trilllizard666: sindri42: videogamesincolor: niambi: batzendrick: I feel like this deserves to be shared. this is hilarious because…Bayonetta is a fictional character who therefore cannot consent to anything you geeks…she “owns” her sexuality because she’s written that way??…like…yall are really so comical. I crack up every time folk try to use Bayonetta as a counter-argument against critiques of hyper-sexualized female characters in video games. Like stop, fam. Bayonetta is literally just the power fantasy OC of the female character designer. The director wrote the original script for a “traditional” witch, elderly, crook nose, pointy hat, shapeless robes, etc. Then Mari Shimaazaki, this lady: stepped up and basically said ‘okay but what if instead of that dumb thing we used this awesome bitch I just drew’. Bayonetta was not designed by a man. She was directly contrary to the intentions of the men in charge. But once they saw how awesome she was, being a sexy badass totally on her own terms whilst not giving a shit what they thought, they submitted. Today it’s generally agreed throughout the company and much of the industry that it couldn’t have happened any other way, that only a woman could have made a female action hero as successful as Bayonetta. If she’d been designed to appeal to the audience, that would have been fundamentally contrary to who she is and probably nowhere near as successful. But since she originated as a personal power fantasy, as this woman’s idealized self, that feeling of existing for her own goals and her own pleasure and not giving a flying fuck about how anybody else saw her shone through and Bayonetta became more popular than she ever could have been if she was just trying to please others. Additional fun fact: all the frankly ridiculous dance moves she uses? Those are the result of giving the mocap actress an open stage and telling her to do whatever she felt like. the earliest drafts were even shot down for being too overtly sexual for the director’s tastes the MALE director, Hideki Kamiya
Too Much, Fun, and Who: 18 Geeks Who Are Having Way Too Much Fun with Statues - TechEBlog

18 Geeks Who Are Having Way Too Much Fun with Statues - TechEBlog