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5 Am, America, and Internet: Nintendo of America uploaded a picture that reveals Mario has nipples. Who knew? Mario actually has nipples. This has lead to explosion of merriment on the internet and here's nine of the best Pixelated Boat Follow Remember the title screen of Mario 64 where you could pull his nose? Odyssey is like that, except you can play with his ripples 3:32 PM-Sep 14, 2017 Pixelated Boat าชิ Follow Technically, these are also Mario's nipples 352 PM-Sep 14, 2017 17 t0 38 408 Matt Lee8 Follow if mario has nippies then why doesnt yoshi-piease nitendo this only raises difficult questions 06 AM-Sep 14, 2017 024 548 2201 Green Roy Follow l like how it was confirmed in the same week that Mario has nipples and Waluigi isnt ciroumcised 40 AM-Sep 14, 2017 5. Samit Sarkar Follow dear everyone twooting about shirtless Mario and his nipples ike, td be weird it he DIDNT have nipples, right? :50 AM-Sep 14, 2017 Porygon Follow mario has nipples and link does not, so what the fuck 654 AM-Sep 14, 2017 17ロ866 \2748 Jamie MeKelvie 藆 Followw Will mario's nipples get deleted on Instagranm 7:13 AM-Sep 14, 2017 8. lan Higton Follow Woah! Look what happens if you zoom right in on Mario's nipples :59 AM-Sep 14, 2017 38 1279 4,734 (5 a.m Sam) Follow If Mario has nipples, then Luigi has nipples. And if they have nipples, so does Wario. I don't want to think about Wario's nipplas. 6:5& AM , Sap 14, 2017 Nintendo has revealed that Mario has nipples and the internet is losing its goddam mind