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Fucking, Laundry, and Run: critical-sproongle: failure-to-adult: crowsister: bodecats: onlyblackgirl: coleworld1: thikchikcity3: Projects laundry room cheat codes… Cuh a real one for this! WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY TO DO LAUNDRY IN A BUILDING I’M ALREADY PAYING TO LIVE IN???? This could be important for my fellow poor people who need to save as much as they can @we-are-rogue I did the math.  If I do a load of laundry every week (I technically have to do two, as my undershirts are washed at a different temperature and air dried), so its $6 a week.  That’s $312 per year.  There are six units in my building, assuming they are spending the same on average (but probably more), that’s $1872 per year that my landlord pulls in.  I can FRIGGIN GUARANTEE YOU that the collective building *DOES NOT* spend $1872 per year in water and power to run the washer and dryer.  I also pay $1200 per month in rent, which is $14,400 per year.  Between 6 units that’s $86,400, plus the laundry fees lets call that $88k that the building pulls in per year.  I can FUCKING GUARANTEE YOU this building does *NOT* use that much in water and property taxes, and every unit pays for its own electricity.My landlord owns 10 buildings, all of the same design.  The entire lot of 10 buildings has one superintendent.  The buildings do not have AC, their appliances have not been replaced in a minimum of 20+ years, and the washer and dryer are…well they’re ancient.I feel *ZERO* sympathy if I can make this work in the laundry room. Reblogging again becuase this is great