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Apparently, Asian, and Community: mirab3lle: spaceshipsandpurpledrank: moonlightoscar: locohost: cartnsncreal: Super disgusting! People are FUCKED UP.  It’s racial discrimination to treat someone less polite than someone else would be treated in the same circumstances, because of race. We can’t ignore the case of blatant racism. We MUST draw public attention to such cases. We must ensure that racists are identified and socially discredited. There are no reasons or excuses for racism. It’s just disgusting. from the KTLA news article: When Suh said she would report the action to Airbnb officials, the host replied: “It’s why we have Trump.” Suh said that comment made her painfully aware of how threatened minorities have become under the Trump administration. “For me personally, to now have someone say something racist to me and say it’s because of Trump, it was my fears coming true,” Suh said. “That people who held these racist beliefs felt emboldened.” The host went on to say she would “not allow this country to be told what to do by foreigners.” Suh is an American citizen who has called the U.S. home since she was 3 years old. “If this is my experience as a light-skinned Asian woman, what is it like for people who have darker skin than me or are Muslim?” Suh wondered aloud. “What is it like for people who are undocumented or not U.S. citizens yet?” BLESS HER FOR BEING VOCAL ABOUT THIS DO PEOPLE REALIZE HOW REAL THIS IS YET!? Ok so i work for Airbnb. And they actually don’t fucking play with discrimination. At all. We were banning people who were going to Charlottesville for the riot. But they can’t do anything unless we are told. And the most common thing i hear is “i don’t want to start a ruckus or cause any trouble” but.. in order to prevent this stuff… we need people to. Don’t stay silent. Reblogging again for that! ^^^^ Also apparently the host was fined $ 5,000 and was forced to attend a class on Asian Americans, as well as apologize and serve community service. Which is awesome.
Children, Crying, and Doe: The Root @TheRoot EROOT Following Betsy DeVos to Schools: Call ICE on Undocumented Children trib.al/pzH2ze6 5:40 PM - 24 May 2018 1,792 Retweets 1,558 Likes sheriff lonely heart @Flamin_Alpaca Follow This is actually illegal. She knows so little about public school that she doesn't realize undocumented children were afforded the right to a free public education (Plyler v. Doe, 1982). Future educators are taught this in our prep programs. Oh wait, Betsy was never a teacher. The Root@TheRoot Betsy DeVos to Schools: Call ICE on Undocumented Children trib.al /pzH2ze6 8:02 AM-26 May 2018 itsatru: welcometonegrotown: last year when i was teaching 11th grade one of my fav students came in crying so i put the class on a filler activity and we just talked. they were doing ICE raids in the city and she was worried her parents wouldnt be there when she got home. then she was worried that ICE may come to the school and take her. we looked the laws up together and printed it out so she could carry the papers with her.  it is illegal for ICE to raid a school and take children. ILLEGAL. i told my student (and eventually the class in like a blanket statement because i had quite a few undocumented students) that if anyone did come i would put my body between ICE and my students and really struggle. honestly my heart broke so much that day - take care of undocumented people in your life because they deserve so much better than this ffs. this woman is so very evil and has a black heart and i hope she rots in prison

itsatru: welcometonegrotown: last year when i was teaching 11th grade one of my fav students came in crying so i put the class on a filler ...

Clothes, Energy, and Lawyer: COME BACK WITH A WARRANT not-a-single-fuck: soundssimpleright: supermansbuttocks: THUG LYFE This is actually what you should say to an ICE agent who has come to your house looking for an undocumented immigrant. Specifically, do not open the door; tell them to slide their warrant under the door. Read it carefully and check to see if it’s a JUDICIAL warrant, which will have specific information like the time and location where they’re allowed to search, and a specific description of who or what they’re allowed to search for. ICE practically *never* have this; they’ll have an ADMINISTRATIVE warrant, which is just their orders from their boss telling them to arrest a particular person. It does not give them the right to enter your house. ICE *can* enter your house if they have probable cause, such as if they see the person they’re looking for through a window or door (which is why you don’t open the door). Other forms of probable cause include kids telling agents that they were born outside of the US. Agents will trick people into chatting with them, especially kids who serve as translators for their parents, asking things like “What part of Mexico are you from?” Staying silent keeps the onus on them to prove in court later that they had evidence someone isn’t here legally. It’s important to remember that for now, at least, every person ICE wants to deport has to go before a judge, and ICE has to provide evidence that they know this person is undocumented and that they were arrested without violating the 4th amendment (against unreasonable search and seizure). We know that cops lie and that judges usually side with them, but agents would rather go for a sure bet from a targeted raid than risk wasting their time and energy on arrests that could be thrown out. Knowing your rights and being prepared makes you a more difficult target. “I do not consent to entry without a warrant.” (This information comes from notes I took at a workshop on being an immigration ally. Learn more at welcomingamerica.org) @soundssimpleright  ACTUALLY, ICE will wave around anything and call it a warrant and unless you’re a lawyer chances are you won’t be able to tell, so call a lawyer. ICE often comes in civilian vehicles and clothes, will often conceal their badges from you and will even lie about who they are, and they’ve been known to work with police. You shouldn’t open the door. Call your lawyer, a volunteer lawyer group that assists immigrants or a response network* first. Never say anything that might reveal you’re an immigrant at all to any cop, not even if you are arrested for something else. Call your lawyer and let them deal with it. ICE presentara cualquier cosa y la llamara un warrant, y aunque usted sea un abogado, probablemente no sabra la diferencia, asi que llame a su abogado. ICE muy seguido se presenta en ropa y autos civiles sin marcas, obscuren sus placas y pueden hasta mentir aceca de quienes son, aveces hasta trabajan con policia local para hacer arrestos de immigracion. No habra la puerta. Llame a su abogado, un grupo de abogados voluntarios que asistan a immigrantes o un grupo de respuesta* primero. Nunca diga nada que revele que es usted un immigrante a ningun policia, ni siquiera si usted esta ciendo arrestado por ortra razon. Llame a su abogado y dejen que ellos lideen con ICE. Here is what a Judicial warrant looks like: Asi es como se ve un warrant judicial: This what an immigration warrant looks like: Asi se ve un warrant de immigracion: If the warrant looks like this, you don’t have to let them in. Either way, call your lawyer and if you see ICE or suspect you see them, call someone who responds to ICE raids. Si el warrant se ve como este, usted no tiene que dejarlos entrar. En qualquier caso, llame a su abogado y si ve a ICE o sospecha que los ve llame a alguen que responda a raids de ICE. *Response networks. Research online if there’s a network of people in your area who respond to ICE raids, you can also ask at local temples or churches if they know of one. These are people whom you call on the phone, they give you brief instructions and send respondents to your location to assist you, serve as witnesses and document what happens so you can use that information to your defense. *Grupos de respuesta. Busque en linea si hai un grupo de gente en su area que responda a raids de ICE, tambien puede preguntar en tempos o iglecias locales si conocen de uno. Estas son personas que usted llama en el telephono, le dan instuciones breves y llaman socorristas a su locacion a asistirle, servir como testigos y documentar lo que suseda para que usted pueda usar esa informacion en su defensa.
Alive, Bitch, and Bodies : Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets In a controversial case involving the rights of undocumented immigrants and their young children, a Guatemalan mother lost her effort today to get back the 5-year old son who was taken away from her & put up for adoption in Missouri despite her objections. Immigrant Mom Loses Effort to Regain Son Giver to US Parents abcneWS.go.com 6/24/18, 8:58 AM 810 Retweets 511 Likes trashmouse: ohnoagremlin: one-time-i-dreamt: dopeluminarydreamer: dontwantthenextcommanderiwantyou: waluwadjet: stephanemiroux: sprmint-bkgsoda: Just like I said. Illegal adoption. https://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/immigrant-mom-loses-effort-regain-son-us-parents/story?id=16803067 Here are the thieves btw: im actually physically ill Keep this post alive so that when CARLOS is old enough he’ll know these KIDNAPPERS stole him from his MOTHER! Guatemalan mom: “Please help me my son was taken from me” Those two assholes: “Lol finders keepers bitch lmao” Carlos was taken from his mom, Encarnacion Bail Romero after she was arrested during a work raid. Her words, “Nobody could help me because I don’t speak English,” are still resonating deeply within me. This child was kidnapped from a loving mother, and she went to hell and backwards trying to get him back, and a judge literally told her she had no rights to her own child. https://twitter.com/evanchill/status/1010399759088193536 Completely unfit parents can get their children back like it’s nothing and this poor woman who loves her child and just wants him with her again cannot? How is this not human trafficking/kidnapping?  Also: The judge said the biological mother had no rights to even see her child, according to the mother’s lawyer. Asked if the Mosers would allow Bail Romero to see the child, the Mosers’ attorney, Joseph Hensley, said the couple was “not willing to comment on that at this time.” source reminder that many children are funneled specifically to Christian families and communities for the same reasons they always have: destroy culture, stack votes, add bodies to communities that otherwise wouldn’t hold majorities. it is literal, actual trafficking. This is a part of genocide.  Removing the children from their parents, who generally desperately love and want to raise them, and placing them with white American families is a way to erase their culture from existence without the ugliness of directly killing children.  But it’s still ugly, and it cares nothing for the actual welfare of the child.