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8 Minutes after I call him out he deletes his post: Trade nudes for Amazon gift card 18 F (self TRADE deleted 1 comment source hide all child comments All 1 Comments Subscribe sorted by: best v navigate by:submitter l moderator friend me admin highlighted tagged gilded IAMA images videos popular new macros Speaking as: canweriotyet Comments that do not contribute to the discussion, low-effort comments, comments consisting solely of an image, and other comments that violate our guidelines will be removed. These comments should be reported. content policy formatting help big edito Save 1 point 8 minutes ago "HN 11 1 point 1 year ago l'm a man. I don't understand http://i.imgur.com/qzK5INh jpg io and you put photos of yourself up permalink source embed save save-RES edit disable inbox replies delete reply DATE 34I nodes This post was submitted on 05 Dec 2016 50% up https ://redd .it/5gkn44 SUBMIT A NEW TEXT POST Use subreddit style 4.019 Subscribers +shortcut +dashboard Trading is done at your own risk Welcome to r/Trade. Here, you can trade or give away your unused and unwanted objects to fellow redditors around the world. Rules: Don't: Sell or exchange items for cash- Please use Arredditbay for sales Do: Be honest with fellow redditors about condition of your item(s) Don't: Trade anything that might be illegal in your country/state. Do: Be patient if making international exchanges Do: Tell others about this subreddit. The 8 Minutes after I call him out he deletes his post

8 Minutes after I call him out he deletes his post