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Ass, Christmas, and Life: 9% mevr app Want ot aitah Christmas dtey l0 you shaderiahcarey: jameshawking: shaderiahcarey: Little known fact: In 1994, Mariah Carey released her album Merry Christmas, which featured the holiday classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. This album marked a huge change in the way people celebrated Christmas. Due to the fear of communism during the Cold War, the color red had entirely been banned in the US. This directly affected Christmas. People did not celebrate the holiday in fear that they would be branded a communist and immediately arrested.  But then came Mariah. She decided the people had had enough of the oppressive US government and made an entire Christmas album in rebellion. She even went as far as to wear a daringly red Santa Claus suit on the album cover. Many lawsuits came her way and she was jailed for a brief period, but the public outcry was so large that the CIA had no option but let her go. A few days later, Congress lifted the ban on the color red and the holiday spirit was restored. Now we all celebrate Christmas freely thanks to Mariah Carey. Are you actually stupid?  You think the US Congress banned the color red? I don’t even need to cite anything for this.  But how about this: That’s Nancy Reagan wearing wearing a red dress as the First Lady.  We didn’t even ban the Communist Manifesto and taught it on campuses across the country, and you think we banned the color red? In short: you’re making stupid shit up out of your ass. Mariah Carey not only freed us from governmental oppression but in fact founded Christmas with Santa Claus himself in the North Pole.But I’m real glad you took the time out of your life to photoshop that picture of our former First Lady Nancy Reagan… Just sad really… seriously you people have to learn your history. Mariah freed us from the shackles of neo-liberal policies and free-market Reaganomics. She liberated Americans to once again love christmas. I hate ignorance tbh