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Apparently, News, and Tumblr: Overwatch League Key Dates Aug. 1, 2018: Signing window opens for teams to negotiate extensions with current players or to sign players from their affiliated Contenders team. Teams may also begin making player trades Sept. 9, 2018: Inaugural-season agreements officially end. Any players not under contract become free agents. Sept. 9-0ct. 7, 2018: Exclusive window for Overwatch League expansion teams to sign free agents. Oct. 8, 2018: Free-agent signing window opens for all teams. All teams must have a minimum of eight players under contract by Dec. 1,2018. Teams may sign or trade players until a final deadline during the 2019 season that will be announced at a later date. Players who turn 18 prior to the season deadline are eligible to sign Overwatch League contracts for the 2019 season. While the date has yet to be finalized, players born before May 1, 2001, will be eligible. Beginning with the 2019 season, the term of player agreements will no longer be fixed at one year with an additional one-year option. Players and teams may negotiate contracts for up to three years, with a maximum of one year as an option in addition to one or two guaranteed years All contracts must be submitted to the League Office for review and approval. Two-Way Players For the 2019 Overwatch League season, teams and players may negotiate the right to designate the player as eligible to compete in Contenders on an affiliated team. Any player on the roster may agree to be eligible for Contenders play, but a maximum of four players may be designated as "two-way" players during each Overwatch League stage, and those players must be identified and submitted to the League Office prior to each stage. Two way players are eligible to compete in Contenders, subject o the ollowing ules Regardless of where they play, two-way players count toward the Overwatch League roster limit of 12 and must earn the same salary and benefits. Two-way players also will count towards the eight-player Contenders roster limit for weeks in which their Contenders team designates them as eligible to compete. Two-way players lose their Contenders eligibility if they appear in more than two Overwatch League matches in a stage. A maximum of two designated two-way players may compete in any single Contenders match. No player will be eligible to appear in both Contenders and Overwatch League matches in the same week. snill0: Interesting article just came out about the player rosters for OWL 2019 Important thing to note is that they’re pushing the minimum rosters to 8 players, obviously expansion teams should be coming into the season with more than that based off how this inaugural season went (players facing burnout, mayhem’s 6 roster performance, etc). Also, players are able to negotiate contract lengths, this is super important to giving players more power since we don’t have a union yet and after finding out about the Mayhem players’ contracts+salary vs contenders players (long story short they’re rumored to be payed less than their contenders roster who are apparently the inactive spitfire players because they’re locked for potentially 2 yrs) it shows there’s some poor management going on. Free agency could be spicy too depending on how many people get cut after their inaugural season performance. As much as I hate to admit it there’s obviously some players that have fallen off, but some still have the potential and under a new team with capable players I think we can see some make a comeback. As many have said, these players are OWL caliber in terms of mechanics but it’s about the teamplay and whether their style works well. 2 Way players is another thing I’m eye’ing because letting people who are OWL level play in contenders (or vice versa) could throw some big curveballs in terms of strategies. I’m also wondering if it’s going to be used often, maybe as a way to get those benched players still playing competitive matches once in awhile.

snill0: Interesting article just came out about the player rosters for OWL 2019 Important thing to note is that they’re pushing the minimum ...