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<p>Redditor does a super good edit via /r/wholesomememes <a href="http://ift.tt/2lDsiAd">http://ift.tt/2lDsiAd</a></p>: [-] ulfberhto 554 points 5 hours ago The kids reaction looks like the guy from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade after he picked the wrong cup perma-link embed save report give gold reply [-] joesacher [score hidden] 41 minutes ago* With the exception of the face melting. Perhaps someone can provide an edit edit: I guess it is not face melting, but the memory of the face muscles rotting is what made me think of melting Source video linked below perma-link embed save parent report glve gold reply [-1 Marmite-Badger [score hidden] 33 minutes ago Here you go perma-link em Hi! I don't know how to do this, but can you please pretend this is a super good I want people to respect - lilbinsanity [score hidden] 32 minutes ago Woah! This is super good! [-] HOWDEHPARDNER [score hidden] 32 minutes ago Wow, that is super good -] duemenotre [score hldden] 30 minutes ago I wish I had your skills dude [-] duemenotre [score hidden 40 minutes ago I wish I had your skills I-1 accomplicated [score hidden] 32 minutes ago I approve [-] BoChizzle [score hidden 40 minutes ago This is amazing work. Well done! L-Simple2Sample [score hldden] 42 minutes agc Glorious! -] IronAchillesz [score hidden] 40 minutes ago Great job /u/marmite-badger I'm really impr t [score hidden] 41 minutes ago chuanzhong nice. cool editina - Meetspin [score hidden] 40 minutes ago Fuck dude, that's awesome- mooocowne [score hidden fiddlenutz [score hidden] 40 minutes ago Your skills cannot be put into word:s [-] LInkFrom LoZ [score hidden] 40 minutes ago [-] Larry-Wickes [score hidden] 1 Geez, that's perfect! 3alance [score hidden] 33 minutes ago Ntro524 [score hidden] 40 minutes ago Holy shit how did you get that effect to work Sick, that was bans ↑ LI sudafedexman [score hiddeni 40mnitesan, stic! Amazina! 」 , 33 minutes ago [- Boats of Gold s- metdrummer [score hidden] 45 minutes ago 8/10 would click ag L-I jopari score niaaenj u m done it any better! Nice job! -67- [score hidden] 39 minutes ago Amaze-balls!!!! Damn.... that's great! 5/7! MormonBikeRiding [score hidden] 37 minutes ago Wow super good edit -] Carlysed [score hidden] 37 minutes ago or hat was an amazing edit my friend coconutfumble [score hidden] 37 minutes Nice work! - Eight Rounds Rapid [score hidden] 37 minutes ago Nothinq on Reddit will ever be the same after this u kiddina me [-] BrooklynSupaStarr . [-] war-all-the-time Nice iob! ↑ [score hidden] ↑ [score hidden] 37 minutes ago T wish T rould make rnntent as funnv as this ↑ [-] Ironic [score hidden] 391 ↑ [-] VsHawk [score hidden] 40 minutes ago Best edit ever! - DragonesqueViking [s This is why I come to azing!!!! [-] justVinnyZee [score hidden] 37 minutes Holy shit that's actually pretty good! [-] JagCesar [score hidden] 48 minutes ago Best. Edit. Ever. -] ichabodcraneshead [score hidden] 47 minutes ago - Wiseguy72 [score hldden] 35 mlnutes ago This single edit has restored my faith in humanity. Everything about this represents all that I hope to see and achieve in my life. You have brought to me a se -1 CommodoreSixtyFour Iscore hidden) 37 minut-] Carlysedscoe- sheikheddy (score hidden) 48 mi Are you kidding me?! That's fantastic! Where did you learn how to do that? go Fantastic! You're really talented, I could've never done th azing" [- Beachpartydude [score hidden] 45 minutes ago <p>Redditor does a super good edit via /r/wholesomememes <a href="http://ift.tt/2lDsiAd">http://ift.tt/2lDsiAd</a></p>