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Af, Bad, and Bitch: Game Of Thrones's Natalie Dormer: men are as objectified as women on TV actor has joined the debate genders are judged equally on looks about objectification in TVand L4 runningfromthedaleks: onigirigirl: un-suspecting: meleg-vagyok: cruxofargon: the-critical-feminist: cishetwhiteoppressor: Finally, a sane celebrity who doesn’t bend the knee to feminist bullshit. Source My god I love her. I know people are gonna get salty af about this but by God she’s RIGHT. When Brad Pitt did Fight Club, he was cutting weight for every single scene to maintain his physique at 155. I’ve you’ve ever cut weight, you know how horrible that must have been. He did it because they needed a “look”. Changing Tatum said his Magic Mike body doesn’t last for more than five days. He starved down and dehydrated his already fit physique for a “look”. The male soldiers on Spartacus: Blood and Sand were eating pretty much chicken and veggies for every meal to maintain a “look”. Why is this such a big deal? Because all these characters are considered physical goals for men. These are actual unobtainable physical standards for men. Male body image issues get swept under the rug so often that some people don’t even think they exist. As a guy with an ED, it’s really nice to hear people talking about men’s body image issues, but I kinda feel like saying men are just as objectified as women misses the point somewhat. Objectification has to do with much more than just unrealistic standards of beauty, and while both men and women in the acting business endure horrifying things to maintain the desired “look,” women are forced to do so while also experiencing a number of other injustices. Like, for example, I’m sure both Chris Evans and Scarlet Johansen were submitted to really concerning shit for Avengers, but only Scarlet received highly invasive questions about her body, and only Scarlet’s character was used as an interchangeable romance prop, and only Scarlet did so just to have her character written off by male fans as nothing more than eye candy. I’m really not trying to say that men don’t experience huge body issues, hell i’ve lived them for the past 3 years, but we need to address that there is already a thoroughly ingrained system of prejudice in place working against women, and that means that they experience objectification often invisible at first glance. Support men and help us, but remember pain is not a competition, as others are in need of urgent care. (Also, p.s., to those using this to bitch about feminism, feminists are the people pushing the hardest for men with body issues, so don’t fucking use me as a prop because you don’t like women organizing. Fuck you.) reblogging for that last comment.YES ThANK YOU Last comment tho! That last comment gave me life to endure the rest of the 2016.