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Bad, Children, and Creepy: Black Aziz aNANsi @Freeyourmindkid 1. When the rise of Nazism happened, Nazis were not all 6 foot tall super soldiers who carried quns They were the nice old lady next door, the house mother who plays with her kids, the store clerk who would give you free stuff, etc. Black Aziz aNANsi @Freeyourmindkid 2. During the civil rights movement of the 60's, it wasn't always creepy looking middle age white men who were going around and trying to intimidate and cause violence to black people. There were many everyday men women and children involved, some of who could be your parents. TO SCHOOL " WİTH NEGRO AGKins oChTo SCHOOL WTH NEGROES egroe Black Aziz aNANsi@Freeyo... 17h Replying to @Freeyourmindkid 3. And I'm just going to tell y'all, in the day and age that we are living in, it's not just a few bad apples who are responsible for the violence and hatred that we are seeing from the Trump crowd. It's literally everyone, because Trumps whole ideaology is base on othering ロ391 Black Aziz aNANsi@Freeyo... 17h 4. People and keeping them in a position or powerlessness through control and violence. I'm going to tell y'all right now, some of you may think that you have a friend whose only shitty quality is that they support Trump, but Im going to tell you right now, many Jewish people t1 238 1.1K 4 Black Aziz aNANsi@Freeyo... 17h 5. Had friends who turned them over to the German government because they cared more about othering Jewish folks than their friends. Many black folks who thought that they had a white friend or too would go out to protest back in the day only to see the snarling faces of thei 4 t 246 1K Black Aziz aNANsi@Freeyo... 17h 6. "Friends" in an angry white mob as it descends upon and beats black protesters. And I am guarantee you, that many of your "friends" would not hesitate to have you or somebody that you care about sent back to your county or origin, fired because they assume that you got your 4 ta 243 1K Black Aziz aNANsi@Freeyo... 17h 7. Job through affirmative action or have your reproductive rights taken away because they feel like they feel like what a woman wants to do with her body should be determined by bunch of old white men. I'm telling y'all right now, we are living in the same world that has breeded tl 221 979 Black Aziz aNANsi@Freeyo... 17h 8. Many of an ethnic cleansing and genocide. mean hell, we are already going through ethnic cleansing if you want to count Trump's immigration reforms and mass deportation. But what I'm telling y'all is to stay woke. You can't compromise with these people a nd there is no 243 O 11K Black Aziz aNANsi @Freeyourmindkid 9. Middle ground that can be reached when an ideaologv is base on hegemony and hate. There can be no compromise with evil, the only thing we can do is try to defeat this ideaology & make sure future generations view this ideaology the same way which segregation & Nazism is viewed Buila the BUILD QUM WAL I9 s OK N CE a NAZI.CAN YO SLAM SUCK'S