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Anaconda, Be Like, and Fresh: judy murray @JudyMurray Follow Alize Cornet came back to court after 10 minute heat break. Had her fresh shirt on back to front. Changed at back of court. Got a code violation. Unsportsmanlike But the men can change shirts on court doublefault28 @doublefault28 Cornet( info - @nicklester , @BenRothenberg,@ymanojkumar)(8 Eurosport) GIF 5:35 PM - 28 Aug 2018 4,784 Retweets 13,974 Likes 7814.8K14K Matthew Keenan @mwkeenan Cornet's discreet t-shirt reversal is a code violation while Djokovic's chest beating is okay. #Doub!eStandards #tennis #usopen 7:27 AM - Aug 29, 2018 Roquetas de Mar, Spain 148 56 people are talking about this christina riley @_cmarier Alize Cornet given a code violation for briefly removing her top because it was on backwards (wearing a sports bra underneath, no less) Sure! Great! Logical! Fair! 7:36 AM - Aug 29, 2018 @red rubbo So Williams can't cover up her whole body and Cornet can't change her shirt on the court. What y'all want, man? 8:17 AM - Aug 29, 2018 12See 's other Tweets 6 laughconfetti: buzzfeed: A French tennis player was slapped with a violation at the US Open on Tuesday for taking off her shirt to readjust it while on the court. The tournament, held in Queens, New York, has been plagued by an unrelenting heat wave with temperatures soaring upward of 96 degrees Tuesday, with a heat index making it feel like over 100 degrees at times. The players were given a 10-minute break to cool off and rehydrate, during which Alizé Cornet put on a fresh shirt. When she returned to the court, she realized her shirt was on backward. She quickly took off the shirt and put it back on, prompting umpire Christian Rask to hit her with a code violation. Women’s Tennis Association rules dictate that players may only remove shirts while off-court. No such rules apply to male players, who took their shirts off frequently Tuesday, to deal with the blistering heat. Horny old straight man culture be like