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Beautiful, Chelsea, and Coldplay: 40+ of the SADDEST SON GS EVER Mainstream and otherwise 1."Hurt" , Johnny Cash ( Written by Nine inch nails.) 2. "Fall from grace", Future Islands 3. "How to disappear completely", Radioheac 4. "Fade to black", Metallica 5. Little sun", Blues pills 6. Everybody hurts", R.E.M 7. Strange fruits", Billy Holiday 8. "Hallelujah", Jeff Buckley (Written by Leonard Cohen) 9."Hero", Regina Spektor 10. Wish you were here", Pink Floyd 11. Polly come home", Robert Plant feat. Alison Krauss 12. "Don't panic", Coldplay 13. "Fade into you", Mazzy star 14. Flatlands", Chelsea Wolfe 15. "Gorecki", Lamb 16."Mother's little helper", Arno (Written by The Rolling stones) 17. The sparrow" , Mastodon 19. Time in A Bottle", Jim Croce 20. Troy", Sinead O'connor 21."Life less ordinary", The Bronx 22·"Suicide Note, Pt. 1",Pantera 23."Do you feel it?", Chaos chaos 24. Family portrait", Pink 25. "Albatross", Fleetwood Mac (Instrumental) 26."Then came the last days of May", Blue Öyster Cult 27."Marrow", YOB 28."1 Will Wait For You", Connie Francis 29."La vie en rose", Edith Piaf 30."The show must go on", Queen 31."Fjara", Solstafir 32. Over my shoulder", MIKA 33. Time", Hans Zimmer (Instrumenta) 34. "A simple mistake", Anathema 35."Changes", Charles Bradley ( Written by Black Sabbath) 36."I started a joke", Bee Gees 37."In the shade of the sun", Kapitan Korsakov 38. "Comforting sounds", Mew 39. Time flies", Vaya con Dios 40."Evil", Interpol 41. "Needle in the hay", Elliot Smith 42. "Cleanin' out my closet", Eminem 43. "Angels, The XX 44."Hutt 45. "The End", The Doors ( Apocalypse Now... That intro.) 46. "Jordan", Rival Sons 47."White Trash Beautiful", Everlast 48. Roads", Portishead 49. Black", Pearl Jam 50. The needle and the damage done", Neil Young erite mile", 16 Horsepower Who wants some feels?

Who wants some feels?

Tumblr, Blog, and Http: decadesfashion: Stevie Nicks photographed by Steve Joester during a Fleetwood Mac concert at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia in 1978.

decadesfashion: Stevie Nicks photographed by Steve Joester during a Fleetwood Mac concert at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia in 1978.

Adele, Coldplay, and Fire: 40+ of the SADDEST SONGS EVER 1. "Someone Like You, Adele 2. "Stay With Me, Sam Smith 3. "The Heart Wants What It Wants," Selena Gomez 4. "Skinny Love," Bon lver 5. "Hallelujah," Rufus Wainwright 6. "Stay, Rihanna 7. "Everybody Hurts," R.E.M 8. "Good Woman," Cat Power 9. "Samson," Regina Spektor 10. "Breathe Me," Sia 11. "You Were Mine Dixie Chicks 12. "Hey Mama," Kanye West 13. "A Man/Me/Then Jim," Rilo Kiley 14. "Twilight," Elliott Smith 15. The Sounds of Silence," Simon& Garfunkel 16. "Flightless Bird, American Mouth," Iron & Wine 17. "This Year's Love," David Gray 18. "I Will Remember You," Sarah McLachlan 19. "Lost," Michael Bublé 20. "Fix You," Coldplay 21. "Heart," Stars 22. "God Only KnowS," The Beach Boys 23. "Crown of Love," Arcade Fire 24. "Say Something," A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera 25. "Gloomy Sunday." Billie Holiday 26. "Mad World," Gary Jules featuring Michael Andrews 27. "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" Death Cab For Cutie 28· "Wish You Were Here," Pink Floyd 29. "Landslide" Fleetwood Mac 30. "Guess I'm Doing Fine," Beck 31. "Brick," Ben Folds Five 32. "Unchained Melody," Righteous Brothers 33. "Goodbye My Lover," James Blunt 34. "Whiskey Lullaby" Brad Paisley featuring Alison Krauss 35. "Something in the Way," Nirvana 36. "River" Joni Mitchell 37. "Creep," Radiohead 38. The Blower's Daughter, Damien Rice 39. "All of Me," John Legend 40. "The Needle and the Damage Done, Neil Young 41. "I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time, Bon Iver 42. "Poison & Wine," The Civil Wars 43. "If You Say So," Lea Michele 44. "John Wayne Gacy, Jr.," Sufjan Stevens 45. "Trouble," Cat Stevens 46. "Make You Feel My Love," Adele LISTEN NOW » Saddest Song Ever!!!

Saddest Song Ever!!!