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This is so true it hurts: YOUR TEAM (YOU) - Above average player xPwndxUxx Only plays Hanzo no matterMassive weeaboo, plays with Will yell at team for not NarutoBoi96 what the situation Japanese voices on Tries to play - Will adjust hero picks based enemy team composition the objective on picking heroes that suit their has a myanimelist profile that he regularly updates owns a large katana collection corners, cannot actually aim when nearing an objective breathes heavily over his open worships Seagull GamurPrincess is not actually a girl but a fat DankKush Only plays while high It's only a game man xD the sound of a bong rip xgmzmxt las exclusively Torbjorn builds turret and then afks behind it occasionally hitting it with his hammer is probably a bot -Only heals Genji and will fly to only voice communication is him even to her death Holds ult all game trying to get always ice walls teammates in PotG, uses it once to solo rez spawn -100% of playtime is on Mercy -constantly blocks your ults excessive use of emoticons with wall and then types "xD in chat THE OTHER TEAM DJProfessorK Hanguk Mauer Avid Jet Set Radio player has probably not touched the WoW raid leader -17 year old Korean on a near lethal dose of Adderall Takes it personally when you is physically nailed to the perfect callouts to his team has been playing FPS since he could sit up straight attack his healer objective, always has ult up the entire game ground since leaving spawn is literally unhittable objective time is the same as the locked into a PC bang until he total game time wins Blizzcon God USMCDad Blyat Former Quake and TF2 pro holds PhD in pure mathematics Navy Seal copypasta is the actual guy from the flexes between support and tank, always picks the most useful hero for the job with a speciality in geometry no difference in aim between 80% direct hit ratio Nowhere is safe, not even when he ults and is regularly shooting your spawn 100% charge -Огонь по готовности This is so true it hurts

This is so true it hurts