Just Fuck My Shit Up

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come here this Barber Memes.: Barber: what you want Me: let me get a MUHH FUCKIN Barber: What you want? Me: I need that "business on top but party on the sides" look Barber: "what you want?" Him: "just chuck the razor at me and we'll see what happens Barber: "no problem fam" IG: BarberMemes Barber: What kinda cut u want? Him: Just fuck my shit up tin Class ETIC DENTISTRY 32323 Barber what cut you want bruh Him lemme get dat sperm cell Barber i gotchu b Barber: What do you want? Me: I'm tryina look like a ball sack. Barber: Say no more. BARBER: WHAT CHU WANT TODAY FAM? HIM: JUST FUCK MY LIFE UP FOREVER BRUH Barber: what u want fam Cracker: wanna feel like I'm in jail Barber: say no more Barber: What do you want? Client: Do you know that moment when you pour the milk into your tea Barber: say no more Barber: Hey Cuz how can I help Guy: like The Weekend and erm.. Spiders Barber: Aight cuz l got u A@serious bizzniz pt 2 Barber: What you want bro? Guy: You ever eat a panini? Barber: Say no more fam funny. barber: what u want Him: what can you do for $2 Barber: I'll see what I can do fam Barber: What you want? Him: My mom still thinks I am a kid Barber: Say no more Barber: "what you want mate?" Him: "give us that windows xp startup logo fam Barber: "got ya cuz Barber: what you want? "You ever driven on an empty back- road during fall?" Barber: say no more Barber: What you want? Him: Med school on the sides, cocaine on the top. Barber: Say no more Barber: what you want?! Him: "ant pile" Barber: "I got you fam Barber: What you want? Him: Just make sure I never get bitches again Barber: Say no more Reinvented by TheBarberMemes for iFunny ifunny.co Barber: Whatchu want fam? Him: Gimme that "Tractor broke down mid-corn harvest." Barber: Say no more Barber: watchu want Him: want people to know that first cousins are fair game Barber: gotchu THE BEST Barber: "What you want." Client: "You know Hitler's mustache?" Barber: "Not another word." Barber: What you want? Him: dunno, l got a lot of s t on my mind Barber: Say no more erious bizzniz pt2 Barber: what do you want? Me: You ever see an unwrapped condom? Barber: I got you. Barber: What would you like? Wanker: Something representative of my role in the squad Barber: Gotcha OG COMEDY SNAPS Barber: What you want, fam? Me: can't afford a hat Barber: I got you, fam funny Barber: "Whatchu want Him: "Y'all got Funyuns Barber: "Say no more." come here this Barber Memes.