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Allahu Akbar, America, and Bitch: O U A Viral Facebook Post Claims A Refugee Was A Member of ISIS But He Actually Fought Them The post, which features a former Free Syrian Army member, has nearly 80,000 Shares When fake shit goes viral, the only cure is for the facts to go viral too, before the lie begets policy. ETA: l swear to Odin if hear Donald Trump bitching about how Syria is sending Europe criminals Like Re 1 14 mins Edited Arabic Translator I was listening to hannity on my drive home and he played some audio of men chanting in arabic, supposedly on a train. Hannity and his cohorts implied men were ISIS and that they were on a train from France to Germany calling for the destruction of America and shit (only because they ended with several rounds of Allahu Akbar), and that Obama wants to let these people in to our country. Besides being... Factually incorrect on many fronts, the chanters were actually decrying isis and saying, essentially, "Fuck ISIS, those douches ruined our lives so we're going to destroy them I see where hannity got confused though; there's middle easterners, arabic being said, the obvious "Allahu Akbar, and let's not forget his own severe case of xenophobia. I mean, all middle easterners are clearly isis or a hairs breadth away from being an isis recruit, so why even still go on with the pretense of not being openly racist? Unlike Reply 1- 4 mins Fucking this dude Like Reply 2 mins Arabic Translator Destroys Sean Hannity's Fake 'Death To America' Radio Segment
Anaconda, Clothes, and Definitely: Abercrombie & Fitch 7,601,413 like this Abercrombie & Fitch 14 minutes ago a Green is definitely this season's hottest new color! We're all about recycling, reducing and reusing! What do you do to help out the environment? Like Comment Share 395 people like this. Darion Cundiff Recycle to homeless people. Like Reply 26 13 minutes ago via mobile Michaela Miki Vyse Spend more money on recycling than on over expensive clothes from a company that's CEO lacks a major morals, and would rather provide clothes for people with no personality than someone that eats. Like Reply 19 12 minutes ago Jessica Rhodes I might be the size A&F "wants" but I do eat. Otherwise, I agree 100% Like 2 minutes ago Write a reply... Aja Litchfield I recycle by giving your clothes to the homeless Like Reply 14 11 minutes ago via mobile Dominique Micco no longer wi wear your clothes. What you are trying to tell younger kids is if they aren't pretty/perfect they shouldn't wear your clothes and I think that is down right horrible. So I recycle your clothes as dish towels now thanks A&F Like Reply 11. 9 minutes ago via mobile Patty Ramos, m ashamed of your clothes, and now need to "recycle them to Goodwill! Like Reply 10 11 minutes ago via mobile Doozer Durkee You're a about recycling? You burn your surplus clothes so poor people don't wear them. Don't try to be something you're not. Like Reply 9 8 minutes ago via mobile Abercrombie & Fitch is getting burned via FB this morning. X-post screenshots

Abercrombie & Fitch is getting burned via FB this morning. X-post screenshots