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Bad, College, and Energy: Kodak Black @KodakBlack1k Real Niggas Dont Wash Their Hands After They Pee A little back story on me I’m Karon I’m 22 from nyc and I been running this meme page since my sophomore year of high school. I’m in college right now. (6+ years since ). I Couldn’t even tell you what year standing I am cause I got screwed over on some super fuck shit that happen the beginning of the year. I remember when I first started comedy hella pple was hating on my shit like “you wanna be famous so bad you not even funny” then when I started gaining clout then everyone wanted shoutouts and etc.. I brought that up to say this ... things gonna go full circle And like it’s a real fucked up reality that some people only fuck with you when they decide too or find it beneficial. Then try to use other things to justify why they did some backwards fufu fuckshit to you. You know what I mean. Like use different scape goats to take away from the fact they fucked up. Stay clear from those type of people they will steal every ounce of you till you can’t give to their desire. Don’t expand your self to the last limit for someone. The hardest thing I think for a lot of people is balance. Clicking on all cylinders within your self and I mean like emotionally physically and mentally and to some spiritually. Like it takes a lot of mental toughness but it’s capapdle limit your distractions and keep your energy and spirits high. I’m not tryna make this some sad post it’s just my heart been heavy with the reality I be seeing in my personal life. And I know someone feel me. Stay strong if you need someone to chop it up with and talk y’all can hit my inbox. I don’t want people going through shit and have no way to ventilate Thier interior thoughts. I love chatting with you guys much love - Genuine