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America, Children, and Dude: Callie Little Follow Imagine a United States where kids were given fucking food because they're kids. Imagine a United States where a five year old didn't have to step the fuck up and set the bar. By Elizabeth Licata The Daily Meal OCTOBER 17, 2017, 8:10 PM five-year-old girl from Michigan warmed the Internet's collective heart this week when she emptied out her own piggy bank to try to buy milk for a friend who couldn't afford it. Now her story has touched so many people that her whole class will have milk for at least a year. 7.58 A1 Oct 701T retiredvoldemort: thegeektastichedgehog: a-furious-heart: theinevitablestorm: mysharona1987: I mean, great little girl and all. But people understand this is not really a heartwarming story, right? THIS 5 YEAR OLD HAD TO DO WHAT? This is fucking UNTHINKABLE in Scotland. Every child under the age of 8 is entitled to a free school meal, and milk cartons cost about 12p otherwise. In Sweden we get free food until we graduate at the age of 18/19 AND school is completely free, nothing has t be payed for. In America we routinely let children starve but I guess it’s an improvement in the cannibalism in jamestown Dude for the majority of my time in school I couldn’t afford lunch most days. When this happens in elementary and middle school you have to ask the lunch lady for a ‘free meal’ which is just a carton of milk and a sandwich’ (it’s literally two pieces of white bread with one Kraft single between them, sometimes the bread was moldy too but that’s just a normal American public school problem) I usually just decided to go without food instead At my school (secondary school in South England), we pay for our lunch, but if you cant afford it you can get free lunches because, you know, people need food to function and shit.