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Community, Fire, and Police: Robert Littal Follow aso @BSO Cops Resign After MO Town Elects 1st Black Female Mayor bit.ly/1F41Fdw wia @Tamantha5 7:15 PM - 19 Apr 2015 わ ★ 180 RETWEETS 47 FAVORITES David Waldman @Kagrox Follow Refusing to abide by your oath of office bc the mayor is black tells us everything we need to know about how you regarded the oath before. 8:25 AM-20 Apr 2015 27 RETWEETS 18 FAVORITES bilt2tumble: lisafer: peroxidepirate: antilla-dean: micdotcom: Several Missouri cops have resigned after their town elected a black female mayor  The city of Parma, Missouri, has seen mass resignations among the local police force after the city’s first black female mayor, Tyrus Byrd, was sworn in on Tuesday. Five of the force’s six officers handed in their resignations to the outgoing mayor — but they weren’t the only ones to quit on the new mayor. Beyond microaggressions.   This is what black women have to deal with in any professional situation.  This is the most extreme, but we are constantly having to prove our competence. I feel for this woman. I really do. But those cops who are such racist pieces of shit they refuse to work for a Black woman? Good riddance. Mayor Byrd and the whole community will be better off without them in positions of authority. Wait, it’s bigger than this. This mayor ran on an anti-corruption platform, and there were a total of twenty people who resigned from various parts of the city - city attorney, police, water supervision. It’s suspected that they were all linked to the previous mayor and were part of the corruption she was campaigning against. Citizens have been complaining for years about the corruption with the previous Mayor Randall, and it’s suspected that these resignations were from his cronies. Which makes her the one of the most effective mayors in the U.S. simply by being elected. Going through the records to figure out just how corrupt/racist/abusive they were before she stepped into Office and handing out indictments/canceling pensions is gonna be hard enough. But, at least, now she won’t have to fire their asses.