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Funny, Goals, and Gryffindor: SLYTHERIN THOSE OF GREAT AMBITION THEY ARE: ambitious, driven, focused on goals, determined, prepared, subtle, perfectionistic, adaptable, realistic, big on cost/benefit analysis, self-reliant, charming, bold and assertive, ruthless and able to scparate their idea selves from what they do, able to usc their intelligence as a tool to achieve their goals of them THEY ARE NOT (NECESSARILY): disloyal (however, their loy alty is highly sclective) or disregarding of the opinions of others (in fact, Slytherins love positive attention and thrive on praisc) REMEMBER! Slytherins are not gratuitously mean, in fact, they treat people with respect because they care about the impression they give RAVENCLAW HOSE OF WIT AND LEARNING THEY ARE analytical, intelligent, logical yet impractical (absent-minded professor types), curious, inquisitive, creative, witty, wise, observers more often than participants, interested in understanding things, resigned cynics, fond of intellectual discussion, introspective independent, self-entertaining, fond of learning for the sake of learning THEY ARE NOT (NECESSARILY): unemotional (consider Cho Chang), wordy (consider rambling vs. concise languagc), good at school (Ravenclaws are good at what they are interested in, but need to have that interest) REMEMBER! Just becase an applicant is smart does not mcan they are a Ravenclaw consider Snape, Hermione, Lily and Percy HUFFLEPUFF WHERE THEY ARE JUST AND LOYAL THEY ARE: hard-working, determined, tenacious, loyal, honest, genuine, well-rounded, fair and just., open-minded, giving, good-hearted, accepting, compassionate, passionate, practical, patient, depcndablc THEY ARE NOT (NECESSARILY): uncmotional, although they have a tendency to not flaunt their cmotions. REMEMBER! A Hufflepuffs loyalty is not frec, it is selective and based on fairness, but wil likely be prominent throughout the application. GRYFFINDOR THE BRAVE AT HEART THEY ARE: experience-oriented, honest, practical, blunt, passionate, playful, funny, prone to living in the moment and not taking themselves scriously, trusting, idcalistic, stubborn and loath to back down, prone to procrastination, wary of manipulators and liars. THEY ARE NOT (NECESSARILY): irresponsible Gryffindors display a strong tendency to "own" their mistakes. REMEMBER! Gryffindors tend to have a strong moral center and are unafraid to act on their morals or to scize opportunities to make changes.