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Drugs, Jail, and Monopoly: Business An HIV treatment cost taxpavers millions. The government patented it But a pharma giant is making billions Antiretroviral pills Truvada sit on a tray at Jack's Drug Store on Nov. 23, 2010, in San Anselmo, Calif. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) By Christopher Rowland March 26 at 7:26 PM Thomas Folks spent vears in his U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lab developing a treatment to block deadly HI co AIDS V in monkeys. Then San Francis researcher Robert Grant, using $50 million in federal grants, proved the treatment worked in people who engaged in risky sex Their work-almost fully funded by U.S toxic-spill: socialistexan: whyyoustabbedme: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/pharma-giant-profits-from-hiv-treatment-funded-by-taxpayers-and-patented-by-the-government 1. Taxpayer-funded research discovers new use for HIV drug; 2. Company w/ monopoly on drug says gov cant patent it; 3. Company makes $3B on drug/year; 4. Taxpayers get no return on investment, ~80% who need treatment dont get it Our capitalist aristocratic elites commit mass murder and treason against the people, and make billions, some black guy gets caught with a joint and goes to jail for yearsโ€ฆ โ€œAmerican justiceโ€ sure is a joke This is incredibly common with pharmaceuticals in the US. Drugs are researched with public funds, patented by the government, but then they are given directly to a private corporation for billions (if not trillions) in profit for that corporation. 210 drugs from 2010 to 2016 benefited from this process. Kill capitalism before it kills humanity.

toxic-spill: socialistexan: whyyoustabbedme: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/pharma-giant-profits-from-hiv-treatment-funde...

Candy, Christmas, and Gif: AT&T LTE 10:40 AM e * 67%. Amelia YOU MATCHED WITH AMELIA ON 6/23/18 A lost duck is walking through the forest. Which way does he go? To the left The duck waddles along and ends up by a lake. Farther along the shore is a bridge he can cross to get to the other side. Should the duck swim across the lake or go towards the bridge? Bridge Also... why is there a Christmas tree outside With night approaching the duck crosses the bridge. Smart decision as alligators are seen hiding in the lake The duck has a weird feeling there might have been treasure under the Christmas tree he passed. "Too late" he says to himself. On the other side the duck finds an abandoned mining town. However, power is still running Should the duck investigate one of the houses or pass through the town towards the mountain? Sk Omg this is a risky choice but the duck should investigate the house The duck is hesitant but decides to investigate the house. He finds that the front door is unlocked and slowly opens it, searching for any danger. He finds nothing of danger but keeps his guard up. In the entry way is an old Christmas tree, a desk with a phone and two doors. Where should he go? The Christmas tree The duck investigates under the Christmas tree and finds some old presents. With no one living in the town he decides to open them. He finds a hat making him feel way cooler, and some candy that he decides to eat. "Man I'm cool" says the duck. Should the duck leave or continue to investigate the house? Continue to investigate The duck looks into the two doors and finds the rooms are empty. "They must've left in a hurry" he says. The duck waddles to the desk and searches it finding nothing but a torn note. On it is written "Amelia's number" but the rest of the note is gone. The duck wonders if he should try a random phone number or leave the house and head towards the mountain. What should he do? Sunday 9:58 PM Try a random phone number Yesterday 4:31 PM The duck wonders what Amelia's phone number could be. What number should he try? Sent Today 10:06 AM GIF Type a message Apologies if its a repost. It madeth me laugh

Apologies if its a repost. It madeth me laugh