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Beautiful, Bitch, and Boo: olivia joy @livvmaloney when I dropped everything to do some Brazilian man's English homework: all Verizon 10:00 PM _paulocaetano Today at 9:24 PM Done Hey Kitty girl I need some help Pleaseeee Yo Thank god Are u American? Yes I'm brazilian Here we have english class And i'm hang out with a cute guy I want to impress Write a message... . Verizon 10:00 PM Done paulocaetano If i impress him I can Kiss on this weekend Are you asking me how to impress him? 6) a-( ) Did / eat b-( ) Did / eaten you c-( ) Have /eaten d-( ) Have / eat a movie last Saturday 7) Mary a-( ) did watch b-( ) didn't watch C-( d-( ) didn't watched ) has watched March 8) He hasn't come here d-( ) already b-( )just 9) The cake is ready I have a-( ) already b-( ) yet prepared it { ) for d-( ) never at home last week 10) My father a-( ) has stayed have stayed d-( ) did stay to the USA last year 11) He a-( ) move b-( ) moved C-( ) has moved d-( ) did move twenty years. 12)r've lived here a-(since b-() yet c-( ) already d-( ) for O Reply Choose the correct alternative 1) Last year she a-( )did go b-( ) has gone to England on holiday c-( ) went d-( ) did went 2) I a-( ) have visited b-( ) visited a lot of interesting places yesterday C-( ) have visit d-( ) did visit 3) The students a-( ) saw b-( ) has seen a beautiful rainbow c-( ) have see d-( ) have seen 4) the man much money last night ? c-() Did / spend Write a message... . Verizon 10:00 PM Done paulocaetano 1) Last year she a-() did go b-( ) has gone to England on holiday c-( ) went d-( ) did went 2) 1 a-( ) have visited b-( ) visited a lot of interesting places yesterday c-《 ) have visit d-( ) did visit 3) The students a-( ) saw b-( ) has seen a beautiful rainbow c-f ) have see d-( ) have seen much money last night? ) Did / spend ) Has / spend the man a-( ) Did / spent b-( ) Has / spent c-( d-( some gifts for his children 5) He a-( ) has brought b-( ) has bring C-( ) brought d-f ) did bring Japanese food ? you already 6) a-( ) Did/ eat c-() Have / eatern d-( ) Have / eat Did/ eaten O Reply I need help in this shit I got u fam So u Will help me? Yes going to do it now for you One minute Thank Boo i knew New york's girls are the best one I'm from Rhode Island boo, even better Write a message... Verizon 10:00 PM Done paulocaetano I ask help for a cali chick and she block me What a bitch Yaas grl Omg grl U write U rock Write a message... tiny-septic-box-sam: bornlucky: bonus: I’ve never seen this with the update and it makes it so much funnier
Memes, New York, and News: ON THIS DAY IN 1923 King Tut's burial chamber was entered British archeologist Howard Carter entered the inner burial chamber of Tutankhamun's tomb and found the 3,300-year-old sarcophagus and mummy of the Egyptian pharaoh remarkably preserved NIMBLE NEWS NETWORK Tutankhamun (King Tut) was an Egyptian pharaoh who lived around 3,300 years ago. He ascended the throne at the age of 9 and died when he was 19. His tomb was found in an area called the Valley of the Kings, east of the Nile River, in November of 1922. The burial chamber, which housed his mummified remains, was not entered until this day in 1923. Excavators at the time had an agreement with the Egyptian government. They could keep half of whatever they found. The other half went to the government. Intact tombs were the exception. Everything discovered in intact tombs belonged to the government. That rule was not honored. In 2011, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City agreed to return 19 artifacts it had acquired from the tomb. As for King Tut’s mummy, it remained in the tomb and was never put on public display until 2007. Last year, for the first time ever, the tomb and all 5,000 of the artifacts King Tut was buried with, more than three millennia ago, were shown in galleries at the billion-dollar Grand Egyptian Museum (also known as the Giza Museum), located between Cairo and the pyramids.

Tutankhamun (King Tut) was an Egyptian pharaoh who lived around 3,300 years ago. He ascended the throne at the age of 9 and died when he was...

Fucking, Internet, and Lol: tash @yeahstyles * Follow my uber driver just threatened to drive the car off a cliff help me Uber Support e @Uber Support Follow UBER @yeahstyles That is absolutely not okay. Please DM us your email address associated to your Uber account so we can follow up. RETWEETS LIKES 2,780 1,945 2:14 AM-20 Mar 2016 twlboaj: verticalfrontalsomething: yourpaperpal: kirsty-not-kristy: amoxli: ok so I don’t usu reblog this stuff here but last year I had a horrible experience with an Airbnb host who threatened to bust my kneecaps, stalk me and murder me right? And not only did I GO TO THE POLICE before cancelling the reservation, but I also provided copies of that documentation to Airbnb customer service (I should mention after hunting down that number in the depths of the stupid internet and being on hold for an hour). Did they give me a refund for the months I’d paid in advance? No - they accused me of lying! A few weeks later in a fit of desperation, a coworker suggested I tweet to Airbnb. Ok. I have maybe 30 followers on Twitter, and didn’t really use it at the time, but I thought, fuck it. Nothing to lose now. I made a half assed attempt at an overly indignant tweet with plenty of capitalization, and you know what happened? Within the HOUR. It was taken down. I was DMed by a CSR. And I was given a FULL. REFUND. $1500 like THAT. I don’t know what kind of dystopic fucking reality we live in where police reports mean nothing and the PR value from a half assed tweet to 30 followers outweighs the safety of my kneecaps, but. Social media… Lesson learned, I guess. Rebooting this addition because holy shit??? Corporations care way more about their brand than your safety. Exploit that. I had to send an angry tweet at my power company. Within twenty minutes, I was getting a phone call, and my problem was fixed by the time I left the massage appointment I had. Okay so this is important and all but original post is a joke that’s literally a picture of Harry Styles lol
Android, Disappointed, and Fall: lamnewatthis @sandynewtothis Replying to @realDonaldTrump I have to pay $2000 MORE in taxes this year! What happened?? I voted for you and thought you were fixing this, not making it worse!? I thought l would get money back this year!? 11:56 AM-2/1/19 Twitter for Android Bh @distorion12345 Replying to @realDonaldTrump I just did my taxes and paid in /made the same as last year.l owe 4K more wtf.. I voted for Trump. But will not be next election 7:06 PM 1/30/19 Twitter for iPhone Shelby Kuh @ShelbyKuh Replying to @realDonaldTrump I voted for you the first time but after you screwed me on my get tax break l won't vote for you again especially after I started on my 2018 return it's a joke the taxes you are keeping from a working person good luck in 2020 5:23 AM.2/2/19 Twitter for iPhone Matt Davis @MattDav72811123 @realDonaldTrump I trusted and voted for you, now, screwed by you. I fall JUST above a tax bracket, I don't get the 5000 return I've gotten the last 3 years. Money my family depends on to start us over. I served my country honorably. I will not make the same mistake twice 10:58 AM-1/30/19 Twitter for Android Dee Nelson @deeebeeezz @realDonaldTrump just did my taxes and thanks for increasing mine!! No change in income and got back $400 less than last year. That campaign promise was one of the only two reasons l voted for you. Rethinking that decision now 10:00 AM-1/27/19 Twitter for iPhone April Henderson @Amudrslr Replying to @realDonaldTrump We're paying $5,000 more in taxes for 2018. Imagine our surprise! We voted for you, we have advocated for you, I have lost life long friends in support of you. I am truly disappointed. Not only have our taxes increased, but you've done nothing to fix our healthcare 7:26 AM-2/3/19 Twitter for iPhone This is my new favorite genre of disappointed Trump voter. Meet the Trump voter taking it in the teeth at tax time. How unsurprising "Fuck you, got mine" becomes a simple tuck you" in a flash. Source.cognitivedissonance 12,021 notes It begins
A Dream, Christmas, and Instagram: cacen so at the bar in which I work, there's an unofficial rule that all of our door staff must have names that start with D or rhyme with 'doorman', which has led to me be- friending a trio of six foot four men with beards called Doorman Logan, Doorman Drew, and Doorman Dan now, let me tell you now that Doorman Dan is the abso- lute love of my life. I don't care that he's a decade older than me and has a fiance. you know when someone is so extraordinary or impossible to define that they're simply referred to as 'a character? that's Doorman Dan. now, before I get into his personality, let's describe his appearance. imagine the most stereotypical Scand inavian person ever: tall, white-blond, strong-jawed. now, add a heavy South Walian accent and an orange jumper. that's Doorman Dan. since meeting him last year, I've discovered .he once had a dream that he had a tattoo that said 'shit happens' on his left arsecheek, so when he woke up he decided he had to fulfil the prophecy and got it tattooed on his arse by a bloke called Junkie Jeff at 9AM .he forgot to call his girlfriend for three months while he was in the army, and was complet unaware they had broken up until he wishe happy Christmas and she responded with what the fuck Dan .accidentally married his army buddy in Vegas for thirty-six hours .he saw someone beating up a guy for being gay, and instead of jumping in and fighting back he decided to get absolutely bollock-naked and stand in front of the homophobe until he got freaked out and ran off .he has a millionare buddy who rings him up once a month for 'mystery adventures', one of which has resulted in Doorman Dan no longer being allowed inside any John Lewis shops .he is convinced the love of his life is not his fiancee, but a man named Ned. upon being asked who Ned is, he shrugged and responded with: "TII know when I meet him. .he runs an Instagram account dedicated to his pet rabbits and refuses to let people into the bar unless they follow him his fiancee booked a wedding venue before he even proposed. "I don't even know if I'm invited, truth be told." when he caught a couple having sex in our loos, he didn't want to intrude so he just gently knocked on the door and asked if they'd like a snack . .he has created his own non-alcoholic cocktail called Doorman's Sunrise because he feels left out being the only person on the dance floor without a drink when he's patrolling the bar I could honestly write a ten-season sitcom about him cacen BIG OL UPDATE: HE GOT MARRIED LAST WEEK!!!! zohbugg I need 10 seasons and a movie about the life of Doorman Dan thecheshirecass I look forward to reading more about the loving, polyamorous relationship he and his wife develop with Ned when they finally meet. fuckveahdiomedes What's the instagram for the rabbits, op? Source: cacen 114,993 notes The adventures of doorman dan