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Android, Another One, and Dad: AngryMarn @AngryManTV Had a really proud dad moment today Dropped my oldest off at school at 7:30. Helped her carry her project board to the classroom. She was like You coming back at 8.3O for my presentation?" Told her l couldn't cuz l had a 9am meeting in the office 4:10 PM 3/18/19 Twitter for Android 16.1K Retweets 46K Likes AngryMan @AngryManTV. 23h Replying to @AngryManTV Gave her a hug & kiss, then prayed with her, but knew she was disappointed Drove back home & got dressed for work. Was driving to the Metro when I detoured to her school. Grabbed my work phone & sent an email telling them I'd be in after 10. 16 450 4,026 AngryMan @AngryManTV 23h As hard as I worked with her on that project and rehearsing that presentation I had to be there. I needed to support my baby girl. Work could wait. 916 t49 5,557 AngryMan @AngryManTV 23h I hit her teacher with a Class Dojo (parents know.. LOL) message letting her know I was coming. "Please don't let her present without me there" I said. I got to the school at like 8:45, signed in & ran down the hall t2385 3,894 AngryMan @AngryManTV 23h I walked in the classroom as another young man was doing his presentation. My daughter was sitting there at her desk listening. She saw me and lit up The glow damn near brought tears to my eyes. A big bright smile came to her face Her teacher also saw me and smiled 14 t727 8,838 AngryMan @AngryManTV 23h A few more kids did there presentations and then my daughter was up. Man, listen. She killed it!! Everything we had practiced and then some. She was articulate, spoke clearly and loudly. She answered all questions from other students with ease 93 507 7010 AngryMan @AngryManTV 23h When she finished and sat back down, I walked over to her desk, gave her a quick kiss on the forehead & told her "Amazing job!!" t370 4,236 4 AngryMan @AngryManTV 23h Another one of my partners was there supporting his son. That dude had just got off work after working a 12 hours overnight shift, but was there to see his lil man. I stayed and watched his son's presentation. 520 7009 AngryMan @AngryManTV 23h Afterwards we left and just talked about the sacrifices we make as fathers and how often we're overlooked. I appreciate the brothas in my circle. Great fathers who care 15 738 8,086 AngryMan @AngryManTV 23h I left the school and got to work at like 10:45. I ain't care what nobody had to say. Nothing else mattered. An overwhelming feeling of pride has been with me all day. I look forward to getting home to give her another big hug and listen to her tell her story This is what being a real father is all about! Dads don’t sometimes get recognized so this warmed my heart by WVUGuy29 MORE MEMES

This is what being a real father is all about! Dads don’t sometimes get recognized so this warmed my heart by WVUGuy29 MORE MEMES

Children, Club, and Dad: Cheko reacted quickly when he saw his owner get threatend with a knife in a domestic dispute, he dived in front of his mom to protect her. Here he is shown recovering from being stabbed 13 times. Four intruders, one armed with a shotgun broke into a family home where the father was threatened to open the family safe, when the dad of 3 didn't comply the indruder got ready to open fire where Lefty the pit bull jumped at him blocking the shot from his daddy and got a bullet wound to his shoulder. The intruder was injured by the dog and they all quickly fled from the scene. Baby, a 10 year old pit bull woke up her family in the middle of the night to alert them of a blazing fire that had broken out. Managing to avoid the vicious flames, one by one she woke up each family member and led them to safty. After putting her humans out of danger, she then ran back into the burning house to save the family's other five dogs, one of which was blind and too scared to go with her so she pulled the dog out by the scruff of the neck. The home was completely distroyed but thanks to Baby, no-one had a single burn. Cara was walking her dog, Creature one night and couldn't help but notice he had a lot of interest in a certain bush. Shrugging it of as he's just seen a cat, Creature carried on to pull and bark to alert his owner that something wasn't quite right. Cara finally went with her companions instinct and decided to check it out, where she found an elderly woman in her PJs on the ground, shivering from the cold. Who she found was Carmen Mitchell, 89, suffers from Alzheimer's and had wandered from her home. When Bella the pit bull mix was seen running into traffic and barking at pedestrians, she was thought to be just another stray. Teri was one of those pedestrians and decided the follow the mixed breed. Bella lead Teri to her home, where her wheelchair-bound owner was found on the floor with stab wounds in his neck while clinging to life. Her owner luckily survived and says that he owes his life to Bella for running to get help. I made this comp because the media only concerntrates on the badly-owned pit bulls then blame their breed for it for their actions. There's hundreds of stories about heroic pit bulls that saidly never make it to mainstream media as people seem to love an outrage. If this gets a good reaction then i'll put more up but i don't want to bore anyone for now. I have a pit bull who i took from a dog fighter when he was a puppy, even though he's been 'bred to fight' i've raised him right and in the 11 years of having him he's never hurt anyone and has given me nothing but happiness (and maybe a couple of chewed up shoes) Thanks for reading guys, i hope the world is a little more open- minded on this misunderstood yet lovable breed. malicemanaged: almostrose: helainetieu: I hope everyone reblogs this. For most of the 114 years since the American pitbull terrier was first recognized by the United Kennel Club, the breed was rightly seen as the perfect “nanny dog” for children because of its friendly nature, loyalty and stability. [x] Pit bulls have always been protectors. With good owners and proper care, they still are. Chako*, Lefty, Baby, Creature, and Bela are proof of that. Pitbulls are great dogs and anyone who says otherwise can fucking fight me
Ass, Children, and Crime: Thread Zachary Fox and 3 others liked A$MR Rocky @ChristianMingel Trained psychologists: "Hitting your kids can cause them to be violent adults" Twitter genius: "l was hit and I never turned out violent. That's why l can't wait to hit my own kids when l get them" 1/4/18, 2:44 PM 19.2K Retweets 55.4K Likes estfortis: holyfuckabear: thebaconsandwichofregret: asexual-not-asexual-detective: Am I the only one who thinks that hitting a kid and abuse are different things? Like, if I ever had a kid, I wouldn’t spank their ass raw or something like that. But a bop on the mouth or the ear pull or a smack upside the head? Yea. Those are behavior modifiers. Except they’re not. The studies done by the trained psychologists in this joke show that little kids don’t associate being hit with the thing they’ve done wrong. Very small children only understand consequences that are directly caused by the thing they did. Steal a biscuit, biscuit tastes good. Then for no reason mummy hit me. Very different to stole a biscuit, now no biscuit after dinner because I stole a biscuit. And they also show that when a child is old enough to understand why they are being hit that non-physical punishment is equally as effective and less mentally harmful in the long run. Do you know who benefits the most from hitting as a punishment? The parent. It gives a satisfaction rush. Parents do it because it makes them feel good. Basically kids have two stages: too young to understand why they are being hit so physical punishment is useless for anything other than teaching a child that bigger stronger people can hit you whenever they like (Which sounds like the same lesson you would learn from abuse) And the second stage is old enough to be reasoned with so many punishment options are available and you chose physical violence because it makes *you* feel better, which is an abusive action. The only time a person should ever use violence against another human being, of any age, is to stop that person from being violent themselves. Hitting a stranger is a crime. Hitting someone small who relies on you for food, love, and shelter should be as well. Don’t hit your fucking kid. IIRC there was a recent-ish study showing that corporal punishment has similar long term effects as domestic violence and other recognized forms of abuse.