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America, Facts, and Trash: afloweroutofstone: shituationist: radical-eirini: rossjm: higher-order: China: *does this*Inept activists in western countries: “Banning plastic straws in our bars and restaurants will save the planet guys :))))))” This chart is extremely misleading because basically the whole world dumps its trash in china and other countries at the top of this chart. This isn’t the same as how much trash each country produces - if that were what the chart was measuring, it would look FAR different. I’m not saying this to defend China, but if you’re looking at who produces the most waste per capita you should look at countries like the United States of America, Switzerland and New Zealand - countries that all produce FAR more waste per capita than China does. Like do you people SERIOUSLY think Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Vietnam have even close to the consumption capacity to produce 5 or 6 TIMES more waste than the US? The reality is that first world countries pay poorer countries to dispose their waste there because disposing of this waste in a cheap way is now mostly illegal there (at least in Europe I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to burn it anymore) and any ways to do it in an environmentally friendly way are way more expensive. And of course, poorer countries don’t have the capacity (or the resources) to dispose of this waste in an environmentally friendly way (although this is actually changing for China specifically, if you look at the chart its somewhat old), so of course for them to get rid of it, it goes into the sea. First world: *exports trash and pollution-causing industry to the third world, consumes products dependent on these facts* Inept first worlder: “wtf China stop polluting” Imagine seeing a chart that claims Sri Lanka produces 82 times more waste per capita than the dramatically wealthier United States and just rolling with it